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The EVE Online August Update brings Community Ship Fittings

It is August and in the midst of the vacation cycle, so there wasn’t any real expectation that something big would drop for this months EVE Online update.  That we got anything beyond fixes is a bit of a surprise.

CCP chose this image for the update, maybe it means something

The big item in the update, to my mind at least, is the community fittings feature.  Few items are as difficulty to pass on to new players as how to fit your ship.  People will toss out hull options, but modules drop you into a deep well of complexity.  As I have oft said, fantasy MMORPG have the advantage of being based on a model we all understand.  We know a helmet protects your head, a sword hurts your foe, a healing spell tends your wounds, and there is probably some number somewhere that lets you compare what you have now with another item so you can tell what is better.

With EVE Online and its myriad of choices it can be hard to know where to begin.  I mentioned module complexity as one of the big problems for new players previously, using just the example of light missiles.  Which do you choose new player?

Not shown, defender light missiles

And that is just the ammo.  Which launcher do you pick, what modules will make missiles more effective, what defenses does a ship need, what other modules should I consider or avoid, all of that and more goes largely unanswered by the game.  That means new players tend to just equip whatever they happen to come across in the classic “something is better than nothing” view of the world.  But is the cargo scanner that dropped off that belt rat worth the effort?

This gets all the more important if a player wants to go PvP.  Mission running can be fairly forgiving… you can often just warp off it things start going badly and start over again.  But other players, they will tackle you and blow you up and you’ll likely not know what went wrong or how to get better.

So the idea of suggested fits has been kicked around for a long time now, and the culmination is the community ship fittings feature.  What appears there will be based on some consensus being reached in the community fittings forum.  People will, naturally, complain that they fittings are not all they could be.  The fitting meta can be fluid.  But at least it might give new players some insight into what they ought to consider.

Community fittings aside, the rest of the update looks to be of a fix and tune nature.

There are some updates to how the war declaration system works.  The implants known as “Slave” will now be known as “Amulet” due to planned changes to which faction provides them.  And there are a whole bunch of little fixes.  I am kind of disappointed that kill marks will no longer blink on the Caracal hull.  Blinking kill marks sounds like a feature.  It would certainly make them easier to find.

There is one entry that might portend some change up with the Triglavian invasion event:

Triglavian Recon vessels have been sighted outside of Invasion zones

I suppose that means they will be going somewhere new to shoot capsuleers.  I do wonder if this is related to the news item about an increase in wormholes connecting to Drifter hive systems.  Will the Drifters be headed our way again?  Will they come to blows with the Triglavians?  We shall see.

The word has come that the update has been deployed successfully.  For details you should go check out the Patch Notes.  There is also an updates entry for today, but it mostly goes on about the already in progress Skilling Spree event and the coming Fanfest Home.

The WoW Classic Name Reservation Run

The next step on the march to WoW Classic kicked off earlier with the opening of name reservations.

Get that name!

Blizzard has a long article about how to get yourself setup so you can log in and create up to three characters in order to hold names.

As it so happened, the whole thing opened up at just about the time I got home from work, so I was quickly to my computer to see if I could grab the name “Wilhelm.”  I rarely am ever able to get that.

I got the launcher going, which needed to download a small update for WoW Classic, after which I was able to log in and see the server choices, which lined up with what I posted last week.

At the server selection page

Skronk and Ula were also online and ready to go fishing for names.  Our plan was to roll up on Bloodsail Buccaneers, an idea reinforced by the fact that it showed as low population when the list came up.

However, things did not go as smoothly as one might have hoped.  While the world servers were up, logging into them was another thing altogether.  I took a few runs at BB that all ended up with the same error.

Oh the errors you’ll see…

I began to wonder if this was another form of load test, seeing if the login and world servers could work smoothly as people tried to pile in to grab names.  If it was going badly I half expected Blizz to announce additional servers in a couple of days.  Heck, I wouldn’t bet against that even now.

On Discord we started talking about backup options, but other servers were not responding for me either.  Then Ula got into Mankirk, but her name there was taken.

We took a run at Pagle, where she got here name but I was thwarted trying to get Wilhelm.  It had been scooped up already.  But I had backup names I am fine with… I have to be fine with other names since I so rarely get that one… and Pagle seems like a possible landing spot for the group.

Then, in trying servers again I managed to get into Bloodsail Buccaneers.  I immediately created a paladin and tried once more for the name Wilhelm… and I got it.  Ula got her name as well.  We were quickly back to our original plan.  BB would be our server of choice.  I put in a reservation for a hunter name as well and was set.

My reserved names

Not everybody was having as much luck as I was.  Streamer Asmogold, who has been getting throngs watching his streams of the WoW Classic beta, showed up only to find his name had been taken.

Somebody got there first…

But I was taken care of.

All I could have wished for at that moment was that the “Enter World” button was active so we could get started on this new venture.  But mousing over just told me how long I was going to have to wait.

I’ll be counting the hours… by tens at first probably

Oh well.  We still have plans to make.  If the historical record (read: the blog) is correct, it has been been almost 4.5 years since we last ran a dungeon together.  Some research and work ups might be in order.

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