Blizzard Adding Still More Realms for WoW Classic

As the grand opening of WoW Classic approaching, so the pressure on the servers via the name reservation system continues to build.

Classic is coming

Blizzard announced today that more realms will be opening up in both the US and EU regions.  These realms will be available Monday, August 26th at approximately 17:00 UTC, which will put them in reach just before WoW Classic goes live in some time zones.

For the US the new realms are:

  • Incendius PvP Eastern
  • Bigglesworth PvP Pacific
  • Old Blanchy Normal Pacific
  • Westfall Normal Eastern

For the EU region the new realms are:

  • Flamelash PvP English
  • Gandling PvP English
  • Mograine PvP English
  • Nethergarde Keep Normal English
  • Razorgore PvP English

That brings the total number of servers for launch up to 39.  I’ll go update my post about the WoW Classic server names again.

In addition, on Monday at the same time the name reservation restrictions will be lifted and players will be able to log in and create up to 50 characters, 10 per server, which is the limit that World of Warcraft had back in the day.

With a little less than four days left to go as of this writing, Blizzard is also once again pointing people at the community resources page for WoW Classic, in case you need to know what is going on and where to find further information.

2 thoughts on “Blizzard Adding Still More Realms for WoW Classic

  1. Bhagpuss

    And almost al those server names are way, way better then the original batch. I’d love to play on Bigglesworth, if only it wasn’t PvP and Old Blanchy is even better. The EU ones are all good too.


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