WoW Classic gets a DDoS Attack

All I wanted to do was play a little WoW Classic while I ate my lunch on a Saturday afternoon.  But this was what I got.

Should I try again?

A group calling themselves UKDrillas on Twitter decided to go after WoW Classic today.  They had started against against Wikipedia yesterday, but moved on to WoW Classic, seemingly to go after streamers on the US PvP servers.

Asmongold always seems to be on that list

As of my writing this I seem able to get into the game on Bloodsail Buccaneers, however I end up getting dropped fairly frequently, no doubt a side effect of the attack on the PvP servers.  Overwatch, which shares the same data center, is also down.

There hasn’t been much word about this outside of the Classic WoW subreddit.  No doubt Blizzard is working on the issue, while the WoW news sites seems a bit behind the curve. (They have a post but they aren’t saying much.)  But for a bit we were able to see WoW Classic servers showing up with low population counts.

A rare site these days

Not that things were getting better as time went along.

Now the servers are gone!

As for the attackers, they are free to disrupt things for now.  Groups like this have popped up before.  I remember LulzSec hitting EVE Online and other sites back in the day.  I also recall a bunch of them ending up arrested eventually.  It happens.  We’ll see how this plays out.

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10 thoughts on “WoW Classic gets a DDoS Attack

  1. Tanek

    What I wonder is why Twitter still allows accounts like this to stay up and draw the audience of trolls who find enjoyment in disrupting things. The attention is what keeps it going.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Tanek – I suspect that the process of keeping track of accounts means some delay time from Twitter. Still, I took a screen shot of their pinned tweet because I expect it will be taken down eventually.


  3. Redbeard

    I had no idea this was going on today, because I was on early and late and had no issues getting into Myzrael at all. It was only when I saw someone post in Trade Chat about “I guess the DDOS is over” that I had at least a vague impression of something being amiss, but I figured it was something that hit, say, the Google DNS servers or something.


  4. Alli

    I think they’re doing something today–at least I was going to play but they’re running maintenance. I don’t think that’s normal for a Sunday?

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  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Alli – There was also talk of a realm restart to apply an update to increase the time between layer swaps in order to thwart the idea that people are using that as a harvest buff. More on that in today’s post coming soon.

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  6. wowstorylines

    I was actually expecting this sort of thing to happen in the first few days of Classic – I don’t know why people want to do this, I wish that the punishment was more severe when they are caught – jail would be good and a probation that stipulate that they are banned from the use of technical devices for life – hehe, guess manual labor will be their calling.


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