PlanetSide Arena Arrives at Early Access

PlanetSide Arena is up on Steam today and available to download as its Early Access launch begins.

This is the first stage of Daybreak’s announced path forward with the game, which was first revealed to the public late last year with an initial goal of a beta in late January of this year.

That was scrapped and pre-orders were refunded as the whole project was pushed out until summer, with the desire for a simultaneous console launch given as the reason for the delay.

Then we had one of those long stretches of silence, so familiar to watchers of Daybreak and SOE before them (and maybe of Rogue Planet Games at some future date), until a new set of dates was announced on August 30th.

PlanetSide Arena – August 2019 Schedule

Today the company met the first of their revised dates and, despite having pushed console support out into the future, they did managed to release something still within the months of summer.  Autumn begins on Monday in the northern hemisphere, or so say the calendar makers.

The game is free during early access on Steam, so it only costs the download time to get into it.  There are, of course, starter packs available for a price.  Daybreak has to fund this somehow.  Reviews are currently “mixed,” though there are only 70 as of this writing and the negatives seem to be coming from PlanetSide purists.

Further details about the game are available at the Daybreak web site.  And, of course, there is a trailer:

We shall see how it goes, but Daybreak is off to the races today with their only new game since the SOE era.

The PlanetSide Arena story so far:


4 thoughts on “PlanetSide Arena Arrives at Early Access

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    The review bombing continues, with reviews about 2 to 1 against the game out of the 360 so far. But, as I noted, it does seem to be people angry that the game isn’t like PlanetSide or PlanetSide 2.


  2. bhagpuss

    Planetside kind of goes under the radar in this part of the blogosphere, but it has an installed base and large cadre of ex-players who seem to be very similar in outlook to EQ vets. They like what they like and god forbid anyone should take the Planetside name in vain.

    I’ve read a lot of comments from PS players over the years for whom the game provided the same kind of seminal experience EQ provided for its early adopters. PS2 seems to have a pretty solid fanbase as well. I’m not surprised they’re kicking off about their baby being thrown into the Battle Royale pit.

    I’m in two minds whether to download it and take a long. Pro: blog posts. Anti: don’t really like BRs, never really got into PS/PS2. Also, the Ashes of Creation Battle Royale is going into permanent, free Early Access soon and I did quite like that. Don’t have time for two BRs.


  3. Isey

    I really enjoyed the original Planetside. Was a lot of fun at the time (although I stopped playing a long time ago.) No interest in this title other than would be nice to see if Daybreak can do anything new with their IPs (for future EQ sake)


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