WoW Classic – A Run to Ragefire Chasm – The Movie!

Ula has been capturing video of our adventures in WoW Classic, including last weekend’s run to Ragefire Chasm.  So here is her video, A Run to Ragefire Chasm!


I love this video, both because it is a pretty concise overview of our Sunday in Azeroth and because it (rightly) overlaps with much of my post about that day.

For example, at about the 1:15 mark you can see us take off for our first run at Orgrimmar.  Chad leads the way, you can see him light off his evasion, then totally dodge around the first guard, just like I described, before dying on the bridge.  Scscla runs on past everybody and makes it to the west gates of the city.

In the next run you can see Obama and Chad taking the lead as the guards lay out Scscla and Jeepy.

Later, after death five, Scscla runs up to Chad’s corpse at the turn to the Cleft of Shadows, which is also its position in a screen shot from my post.

Sprawled in the road again

Then, at the five minute mark you can see Skronk’s corpse, floating in mid air, just inches from the instance portal.  I was already inside by that point, so only heard about the position of the corpse.

And then there was our glorious dance exit from the instance at the end of the run, again seen from another angle.

Anyway, watch the video, give it the thumbs up it deserves, and maybe we’ll get more videos of our adventures.

9 thoughts on “WoW Classic – A Run to Ragefire Chasm – The Movie!

  1. bhagpuss

    I believe that is the first and only video I have ever “Liked” on YouTube. I try to avoid building a profile of preferences but i reckon I can get away with that one!

    Excellent movie, especially taken in conjunction with the posts. Does Obama have narcolepsy, by the way? Also, why does everyone seem to revive at or before their corpse rather than at the maximum distance beyond it?

    It would be great if Ulla did more of these. It really adds to the whole instance group gestalt.

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  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    “Also, why does everyone seem to revive at or before their corpse rather than at the maximum distance beyond it?”

    I just watched it again and I do not see that at all. You can see on a couple of occasions Scscla getting just out of range of her corpse then moving back to get just within the revive radius.

    You can see other corpses, like Skronk’s corpse in the air outside of the instance, and other corpses, like mine and Obama’s, and some bones, which are what remains of a corpse after a revive, but nobody is reviving on their corpse. On coms we were talking about how to eke out a few more inches using terrain even.

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  3. ulamage

    Thank you for the Like, Bhagpuss!! I’m glad you enjoyed the video. I did leave out the shots of me positioning to the edge of my rez radius because I was afraid the video would be too long.

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  4. anypo8

    Sun’s out, guns out!

    Nice video! So many runbacks…

    It looks like a stack of Swiftness Potions would really cut the number of runs down? Or are the NPCs really that much faster than the players?


  5. bhagpuss

    I was going to watch it again before I made that comment. I wasn’t sure – it was more of an impression. I should have because I was wrong, obviously! I did watch it in full screen and it was a bit blurry but that’s no excuse!


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