Skilling Spree Returns to EVE Online

1. Stop the bleeding
2. Fix the stupid
3. Excite and teach
4. Incentivize return

-CCP Burger on CCP’s focus, CSM summit minutes page 6

I cannot tell if this announcement falls under items one or four, but it isn’t much of a stretch to guess that it is a reaction to the fact that the concurrent user count started to take a dive over the summer as soon as CCP stopped handing out skill points.  CCP pretty much says that in the CSM summit minutes linked above.

So today CCP has declared the return of the Skilling Spree event.

… to kill an NPC once a day for however long

As of down time today the event is back meaning that when you log in you will be given a daily task to blow up 1, 5, or 10 NPC ships which will earn you 10,000, 25,000, or 50,000 skill points respectively.

Only 10K for you today

Then you log in the next day to do it all again.

I am reminded once more about how CCP did something like this back in 2016 and then decided it wasn’t worth it.  But I am going to guess that at the time CCP wasn’t being held to any sort of daily or monthly active user metric the way they apparently are now.  You don’t keep mentioning DAU and MAU unless they mean something to you, right?

There is no end date currently announced for the event… as with the blackout when it went live, its duration appears to be indefinite… so I guess the skills will continue on a spree until morale improves.

There is also a forum thread for the resurrected event where people even more cynical than I are leaving comments.

Also commenting on this:

Addendum:  Oh, and this offer is coming to an end.

The come back discount

My lapsed cyno alt has gotten a reminder or three about this, but it appears to be available as an offer for any non-omega on the account management page.