Daybreak Lays off More Staff

The news from Daybreak is grim again as it came out yesterday that the company was experiencing another layoff.

Oh, Daybreak…

The word began to leak out on social media, which is the usual course of events these days.  The fact that there was a layoff was later confirmed.  The number of people laid off was estimated to be close to 70, though there is no official word on that.

The PlanetSide team was reportedly hit the hardest, while the team responsible for EverQuest and EverQuest II seemed to have been largely spared.  Of course, EverQuest II has a big anniversary coming up next month and both games have expansions slated to come out before the end of the year.

The future of the company remains in question.  PlanetSide Arena, which went into early access last month, has not obtained a strong following, while earlier this year Daybreak registered some new company trademarks and created Twitter accounts that seemed to indicate a possible change in structure or sell off of the company.


2 thoughts on “Daybreak Lays off More Staff

  1. D.McDonald

    Wow that really sucks. I know that with game developers lay offs are quite often, but its never good to hear that yet another one followed the pattern. Hopefully the people had some idea and were able to plan for it.


  2. bhagpuss

    I started typing a comment but after it got into the sixth paragraph I thought I’d better make it into a post. The short version is I see this as a retrenchement to core values and a potential boon for the I.P. I care about, EverQuest. Whether it portends a sell-off is less certain.

    It’s bad news for fans of the Planetside franchise, which will probably go into maintenance mode. H1Z1 is already there, I guess. DCUO will carry on as normal so long as DBG holds the rights. It’s doing pretty well, I think, especialy given its age.

    As for the seventy people let go, the current trend seems to be for released developers to be quickly snapped up by other studios. There area lot of familiar ex-SOE/DBG names at several studios working on unreleased MMOs. Best of luck to all of them in finding new slots quickly.


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