WoW Classic Sunday Layering and Additions

Despite Blizzard’s problems, WoW Classic still seems to be going strong.  On Bloodsail Buccaneers walking into Stormwind most hours of the day will still find it quite crowded.

Still Layered

Blizz made a change the week before last that did two things.  First, you no longer have to pick your realm every single time you log in.  I cannot remember if that was actually a thing back in 2006, but if it was it was unnecessary to reproduce that particular quirk.

Blizz also updated the realm selection so that it is broken out by more regions (US East and US West were divided, leading to a moment of panic when I could not find our server) and it shows which realms are layered.

Who’s layered now?  Also, I have too many alts

Given Blizzard’s previous statement that they did not want to go into phase two of the WoW Classic experience until all realms had been reduced to a single layer, we may still be a while on this.

Free Transfers

To further the path towards a single layer for servers free server transfers remain active to/from specific realms in the Americas and Europe.  There is a warning that these move options could close at any time, though the number of layered servers seems to indicate that they may be around for a bit still.

Dire Maul

Originally slated to be part of the phase two unlock, Blizzard opened up Dire Maul this past week, allowing ogre adventures to begin.

They are waiting for you

Dire maul is actually the key to a number of quests, including the Warlock and Paladin epic mount quests.  Blizz also posted a fly through video that shows some of the more memorable locations.

Hallow’s End

The Hallow’s End event has reached live where people are no doubt queuing up yet again to try and obtain the headless horseman’s mount.

But it is also live on WoW Classic, leaving me to try to remember how the event even worked back in the day.  Pumpkins are out everywhere and you can trick or treat at the inn keepers once every 60 minutes. (Though that timer stops running down if you’re logged off.  Hrmm.)  With a set of characters that do not have hats yet I was really hoping for some masks.  But I seem to get the trick more often than the treat.

I’ve been turned into Diablo… well mini-Diablo

And so it goes.

5 thoughts on “WoW Classic Sunday Layering and Additions

  1. bhagpuss

    I got a gnome mask. On a gnome. But it’s a male gnome mask and my character is female.

    If the boycott has affected numbers it’s not to any degree that makes prime-time any more manageable in the more popular areas and that’s on HW, which has been permanently on “Medium” almost since launch. Most of the rest of the servers are still Layered. I have also yet to see one single mention of the Blizzard Affair in-game. It’s literally as if it had never happened as far as General chat is concerned.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    I finally got an undead male on my dwarf hunter, and I am happy.

    @Bhagpuss – I can’t tell what impact the boycott is having, if any. A few indices look good. The AH seems to have about the same number of auctions. The server is always busy. There is always somebody else who wants that named mob.

    Of course, there is a very good chance that this is just another thing that the weirdo hardcore players like us have noticed and nobody else cares.

    And then there are the people who I see talking about the boycott:
    -People who hated Blizz already (Mark Kern, et al)
    -People who were not playing any Blizz game (a lot of people in the MOP comments and most the staff)
    -People who were saying Classic was boring and now they have a reason to quit

    I know there were people actually playing who have decided to boycott, but they seem to be heavily outnumbered by the above three categories when it comes to people chanting against Blizz.

    I do see something on the server, an occasional “Free Hong Kong.” My hunter pet is named Blitzchung. But for people playing it isn’t much of a thing.

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  3. Redbeard

    I will say that I did voice an anti CCP sentiment in Gen Chat in Elwynn Forest, and I wasn’t banned or anything for saying so. Of course, that’s not a really big deal compared to some of the idiots in Trade Chat, but the admins aren’t monitoring things that closely. (Or they don’t care, which is likely the case.)


  4. SynCaine

    I also suspect a some people are in my situation; account cancelled but still have game time so using it. How many people that is will be difficult to track though, since as time goes on are people leaving because accounts are running out, or because they are bored or whatever other normal reason to quit comes up.


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