Daily Archives: November 3, 2019

EVE Vegas 2019 Swag

When you get back home late Monday afternoon and are on the hook for work Tuesday morning, it can take a bit to get all your stuff together.  Writing a summary was actually easier.

EVE Vegas Invasion World Tour Shirt

But somewhere along the course of the week I did managed to collect everything… I think it is everything… together for a picture.

The swag collection

There are some more buttons and pins on my lanyard, which has been through five EVE Vegas events now.  You can see the very nice EVE Scout coin that Katia Sai gave me.  I also kept my record of getting an Open Comms shirt every year, along with the pin.  I didn’t have to hit up Dirk this time though, as there was one in my size up on the charity auction which had just a $10 bid.  I couldn’t let it go for that cheap, so I doubled the bid and walked away with it myself.

We shall see what happens in 2020, with a player run EVE Vegas returning and a CCP event in San Diego.