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Fifteen Years of EverQuest II

Fifteen years ago EverQuest II went live.  I think the official date was some time yesterday, but like many things about the early history of the game, there are conflicting views.  Wikipedia puts the date as today. Holly too.  But others say yesterday. Either way, it was fifteen years old by the time this post went live.

As their splash screen proudly declares

My own fifteen year anniversary with the game doesn’t hit until Tuesday, at which point there will be a post about my experiences with the events of the time.  I came in with the second wave of servers, starting on the long since merged into memory Crushbone server.  SOE had a plan back then.  They were not going to have the same problems then did with the EverQuest launch five years before.

And they were correct on that point.  This game’s problems would be different.

There are celebrations, with a Dragon Attack event that runs until December 5th and the Heroes Festival, which goes until the 19th.  There is a news post about those with details.

There is also a 15th anniversary celebration bundle for sale.  When you’re free to play you always have to keep selling things.  It includes a number of goodies, including a birthday cake cutting picture you can hang in your house.

Celebrating 15 years

I haven’t decided if I am going to join in.  While I still have some enthusiasm for the game somewhere inside of me, it isn’t quite the same as EverQuest hitting 20 earlier this year.

Plus, if I am honest, I am still invested in WoW Classic at the moment, and WoW has its own 15 year anniversary coming up soon.

Still, I cannot let the date pass without notice.

Happy 15th Anniversary EverQuest II!