Daily Archives: November 10, 2019

Dragon Found in the Thundering Steppes

As I mentioned yesterday, as part of the EverQuest II 15th anniversary there is a dragon event going on.  Daybreak isn’t always good about indicating where events are taking place or how to join in, but this time the description seemed simple enough; dragons are attacking the spires in four zones.  I just had to go to one of four locations and I should be good.

Still, it took me a bit.  As I cycled through the locations I mostly found an absence of people.  Once I found a dead dragon, but everybody had left.  Finally I returned to the Thundering Steppes spires and saw that there were two instances of the zone up.  Of course, I picked the wrong one first.  But after I swapped to the right version of the zone I saw a huge lineup of people waiting.  This must be the place.

They have to be here for something

And sure enough not too long later a dragon appeared.

A dragon arises

I even managed to survive the encounter, which was not assured given that my guy is ten levels under the level cap.

lots of debuffs on that dragon

I had to back off a few times to let my mercenary heal me up.  But I put in enough effort to get the reward.


The rewards are mostly for level 110 players as well.  But I will stow them away, as I have done with so much other stuff in EQII over the years.  Maybe some day.