Level 105 Fever in the Plane of Magic

I re-subbed to the Daybreak All Access pass for the EverQuest II 15th anniversary events, as I did back in March for the EverQuest 20th anniversary.  This started off with chasing some dragons, as I mentioned last week.

Dragon in the Loping Plains

There are four dragons and they are not hard to find.  They spawn in a rotation by the travel spires in four zones.  You can follow them through their cycle going from Thundering Steppes to Everfrost to Nektulos Forest to Loping Plains.  I think that is the order.  I just go where the crowd goes.  There are some interesting drops and an achievement and special mount form if you slay all four dragons.

Spires Defended

Achievement reward

I did that with the character I consider my main, Sigwerd, a level 100 berserker on the Skyfire server.  Then I got out my level 100 paladin on the same server and did it again.

Dragon in Nektulos Forest

And then I did it yet again with a level 100 berserker, Reynaldo on the Hands of Fate server, who is still knocking around in the Revelry & Honor guild.  It was a bit tougher with him as I have never bothered to get him a mercenary, and not having your own pet healer means taking care.  Still, I managed it with him.

I have another level 100 character sitting around, a Shadowknight who was one of my level 100 boosted characters… Sigward is the only one who leveled up to 100, and I seem to recall boosting him to 85 back in the day… but I wasn’t sure how much commitment I really had to him.

And I was wondering how to use some of the nice drops I got from the dragon event.  Bhagpuss has a post that shows the dragon form mount.  They were all flagged for level 110 players and my highest group there is all level 100.  I wanted to get somebody to level 110.

The easiest way to do that would be another boost.  And since you get a level 110 boost with the base Blood of Luclin expansion pre-order at basically the same price as a boost out of the cash shop, I figured I might as well grab the expansion.

So there was now a level 110 boost in my /claim items.  However, in buying the expansion I also unlocked all of the previous expansions.  I do not remember the last time I bought an expansion, but now I had everything live on the server.  So I decided to see if I could just level up to 110 via content rather than using the boost right away.

Of course, as I always say when I come back to EverQuest II, the game is pretty bad at telling you where to go or what to do in order to get started at whatever level you left off at.  I had been doing something in the Vesspyr Isles previously with Sigwerd, but I recalled it being very slow.  He was barely 5% into level 100 and I knew he had done a series of quests there already.  I was not keen to go back, so I looked around at what else was available.

There was Myrist, The Great Library on my map, but that said it was for level 110 players.  Next to it, however, was the Plane of Magic.  That said level 100, which seemed good enough for me, so I gave that a shot.  I took the spires there and was in.

When you wander into the Plane of Magic you have to pick a faction to work with.  Each espouses a specific philosophy, but I chose House Vahla pretty much at random.  They had a nice gold trimmed platform.

Turning in a quest on their platform

The first couple of quests boosted me up to level 101 pretty quickly.  It was one of those deals where you have to earn enough status with the faction in order to unlock further quests, so I repeated the first two a few times.  Soon I was level 102.  Clearly these were decent quests.  I had read somewhere that Daybreak chose to emphasize questing for leveling up.  While I had the membership boost, the vitality boost (blue bar in EQII land), and a pre-expansion experience boost going, slaying mobs didn’t move the experience bar at all, no matter how hard I hit things.

Hitting things repeatedly

The damage I do seems to throw out crazy random numbers.  And EQII does not suffer from a lack of combat skills, so I just mash a bunch of buttons and things die.

Getting around wasn’t too bad either.  EQII has embraced flying and my berserker had a mount from a special event from way back, so I just glided over the terrain, dropping on my targets when I needed to.

Swooping by a waterfall

But it is the quests that boosted me along.  It wasn’t a long time before I had made it to level 105.

Half way to 110

After that the quest experience started to slow down some.  But I am going to try and carry on a bit and see if I cannot get to 110 on my own before the Blood of Luclin expansion hits.  It might be something to actually be lined up at the right level for an expansion when it drops.  Of course, we’ll see if I can actually figure out where to go when it does drop.  Daybreak still isn’t very good at that.

Addendum:  I carried on after I wrote this and made it to level 107.  I had to use the Orb of Concentrated Memories, an item usable once every seven days that restores you exp vitality.

The guild log shows me leveling up

Now I’ll have to see if I can make those last three levels before the bonus exp runs out.

3 thoughts on “Level 105 Fever in the Plane of Magic

  1. bhagpuss

    The ironic thing is, EQ2 has had a very guided leveling path indeed for several years now – certainly since SOE sold the game to Daybreak, but if you want to know what it is you have to go outside the game to find out. Every expansion has two solo Signature quest lines, one for adventurers and one for crafters and for the last two or three years fo,llowing that is guaranteed to get you all the xp needed to hit whatever the new cap is for that expansion. I always follow the step-by-step guides on the wiki – they’re brilliant.

    As for how you get xp, DBG did two things a while back: firstly they put a stop to the very longstanding practice of levelling up in heroic content from earlier expansions. No more going round and round Chelsith grinding xp to hit the cap before ever setting foot in the new content. Old zones remain fine for doing that dance on characters below 100 but once you hit three figures you have to do the content intended for your level range. And as you saw, even then you can’t just grind mobs. It really is EverQUEST 2 these days, at least when you need to do the levels.

    The Signature lines also provide a number of significant benefits other xp, not least the very good weapon you get for finishing them. They also often give a teleport item, which is useful, although as a Subscriber you have unlimited free use of Fast Travel via the map – if you haven’t used it yet, it basically allows you to port from anywhere to any Wizard Spire, Druid Ring or World Bell (not sure it’s all World Bells…) just by opening your map and clicking on them. Game changing, it is.

    Anyway, I won’t bang on other than to say don’t forget to keep training your Mercs and Mounts and Auto-upgrading your spells/combat arts. I’m always forgetting to do that. I kind of wish they’d automate it but then that would defeat the object, I guess. Upgrading gear in EQ2 is ferociously complex these days but we’ll get a gear reset when the expansion arrives so probably not worth bothering too much before then.

    Welcome back to Norrath! Those Dragons did a good job of pulling people back in, it seems.

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  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – I am good at keeping my merc leveling up… I went through and logged in chars to make sure if they had a merc that it was in the cycle along with skill upgrades… but mounts, well I am not sure I have one of those mounts yet. I’ll have to look into it.

    One thing I found frustrating was on the tradeskill front. I opened up the guild hall and dumped all my dragon stuff into the supply box, along with stuff I had harvested, but then found that level 100 trade writs are based on recipes from the Terrors of Thalumbra which seem to require going out and building faction in that expansion in order to get the recipe books. Again, where to even begin?

    I did not know about traveling via the map directly. Again, Daybreak isn’t great about guiding you to features within the game. I don’t mind going to the wiki. I certainly do so for quests. But for a lot of basic orientation stuff I feel like they ought to give you some hint. “I’m sure they’ll just read the wiki” doesn’t seem like the best strategy for everything.


  3. bhagpuss

    For levelling Tradeskills after 100 I’d do the Tradeskill Signature lines rather than writs. From what I remember you’ll max out for that expansion’s cap well before finishing the questline and the time the Craft Signatures take is a lot less than the Adventure. Probably still needs some Thalumbra mats for the Thalumbra Sig though…

    I agree on the lack of direction in game. There are frequently parts of the Signature lines that aren’t obvious or intuitive and there are sometimes optimal ways to do things that are completely opaque. They usuallay give you a starting point – something in the mail and the first quest step – but after that you’re on your own. It’s always been pretty much like that, though, so I don’t imagine it’s going to be any different on Luclin.


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