In the Great Library of Myrist

Having hit level cap in the Plane of Magic, with a good two weeks or so before the launch of the next expansion, I was wondering how best to use my time.

First I geared up.  I went to the panda merchant from the Days of Summer event and got all of the upgrades I possibly could.  That included a token that upgraded my ascension level to 15, which gave me some more skills and necessitated a re-work of my hot bars.  I am resistant to just adding more of them.  As with EVE Online, I like to be able to look out the window and see the game rather than having it overrun with UI elements.

I was also able to use some of the drops from the anniversary dragon event to upgrade the equipment on my mercenary and mount.  All together this boosted my stats quite a bit.  It didn’t make me invincible.  I ran out to the dragon event at an off hour when only a few people were doing it and was in mortal peril a few times.  But any non-epic mob that even looked at me sideways was in for a beating.  My potency, what I am told is a prime stat, sits at 45K.  I am no epic raider, but I fear no solo content.

The dragon thing was wearing a bit thin though.

Getting thrown into the air in Nek Forest again…

The drop rate is pretty random and I was getting a lot of duplicates, plus you can spend a long time just waiting for the next dragon to spawn.

I looked into a couple of alts, bringing them out into the Plane of Magic, but the xp boost wasn’t what it was when I went out there with Sigwerd, my main.  I hit that at the right moment for the server boost, so he sailed through levels.  I don’t mind a bit of work, and persisted for a bit, but I felt like I ought to concentrate on my main if I was going to hop into Blood of Luclin with him when it launched.

I had something in my mail box.

A summons

This appeared to be the opener for the Chaos Descending expansion, the current content in the game.  I am sure my hitting level 110 triggered its arrival.  It came with an item that would bring me to the opening scenes.

The Tribunal was looking to pin a murder rap on me.  I am going to guess that I did not get far enough along in the Planes of Prophecy expansion content to get to the murder of the Goddess Lanys T’Vyl, but that appeared to be what I was up for.  However, Druzzil Ro, whom I did meet in the last expansion in the Coliseum of Valor, stepped up for me.

The tribunal speaks

They sentenced her for the murder and I was sent on my way.

Thus into the Chaos Descending expansion, I figured I ought to poke around a bit.  The hub for the expansion, as I recalled, was the Great Library of Myrist, which was also a travel spot on my map.  I figured I might find something interesting there.

Welcome to the library… shhhh!

The first NPC I ran into there was a linguist vendor.

Selling stuff, in the library?

She sold books that would teach you a wide variety of languages.  I bought every language I did not yet have, something that won’t surprise you after the last post I am sure.  My list is much longer now.

My current language list

While still well shy of the whole list, many of which require quests, at least I won’t be caught up on something easy.  And yes, I am pretty sure I’ve seen a similar vendor somewhere in Qeynos in the past, but given recent history and having stumbled upon her just now, I thought it was wise to just fill up when the opportunity arose.

I also picked up the first quest in the signature quest line for the expansion, which mostly involved me running around the library in search of this or that.  Completing it however, boosted my Alternate Advancement levels up several notches, to the 350 cap.

Double cap

Being at the level cap is a rare thing for me in EQII.  Being at both the level and AA cap… well, I am not sure where my experience will go now.

And I am not sure where best to use my time between now and Blood of Luclin.  There will be a large gear reset with is launch.  A lot of the other levels, like updating skills, can only be accomplished with time or money, not activity.  I might look into getting my trade skills up to the cap as well.  But for the first time in a long, long time I think I can go straight into a new EQII expansion.

7 thoughts on “In the Great Library of Myrist

  1. bhagpuss

    Sounds like you’re pretty well set up. There are countless things you could do but with two weeks to go to ten more levels it’s probably not worth bothering with most of them. For example (and this is completely cockeyed and counter-intuitive) you could take the armor out of the box on the floor by the first NPC in Myrist (very easy to miss) and remove the adornments from it. The armor won’t be as good as the Panda gear but some of the adorns are. However, there wil be a new box like that in the first room of the expansion (so I hear from beta) and that will probably upgrade even the adornments, so it’s hardly woth bothering.

    The same caveat applies to anything affecting gear and spells/CAs, I guess, although a Master from this tier is going to be better than anything less than an Expert from the next, most likely. Some of the rewards from the Sig line might still be worth having – the weapon you get at the end is what I’m still using. I haven’t found anything better so far. I would be amazed if the Sig line in Blood of Luclin doesn’t give something better, though, and probably before the end.

    Ascension levels go to 20 now and doing the Sig line will send xp to that I think as will missions and the like. I haven’t really done anything to get mine past 15 yet. Probably should do that, although I don’t think Ascension has the same relevance for solists as it does for Heroic groups and especially raiders, for whom it seems to be essential. The Sig lines are also pretty good (as in I liked the stories) in all the expansions, although there’s a lot of killing and collecting for every story beat.

    Another thing I never remember to do but should is to do the daily Familiar quest to upgrade your familiar (or fill out your collection of them). I did a post on it back when it was added and promptly forgot it existed. I seem to have a mental block about it but its another incremental source of effectiveness. That ought to go on the list of daily tasks along with checking if the merc and mount need training – that one I do remember, when I’m logging in every day at least.

    One thing you definmitely should do if you haven’t already is to get the Adornment Reclamation skill from your class trainer (I bet you forgot you had one of those!). There’s an awful lot of popping adorns on and off these days and that thing is essential.

    Probably a load of other stuff too but when we go to Luclin everything should sort itself out so not worth worrying about it now!

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  2. anypo8

    “As with EVE Online, I like to be able to look out the window and see the game rather than having it overrun with UI elements.”

    How does dual-monitor work in EQ II? I wouldn’t readily play EVE single-screen once I had two set up…


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – I did finally go and find the familiar quest last night. I drew boars on the first run, then consulted the wiki would suggested I drop that and try again. Boars are not as popular in Norrath as they are in Azeroth or Middle-earth I guess.

    @anypo8 – I don’t run two EQII clients, so the second monitor isn’t as big of a deal. I just keep the wiki up there or Discord. But my comment was more about the UI within the game window. You can play EVE with UI elements completely obscuring the view of the stars, but I like to see the stars so I tend to keep UI elements as minimal as possible. It probably negatively affects my abilities in combat, but you do what you enjoy. In EQII the need for many hotbars threatens to challenge the EVE Online overview and chat windows as a real estate hog.


  4. Archey

    Interesting the format that you received the “summons” in. I’ve been musing about the difference in approach between WoW classic and retail in that area.

    In Classic you get instructions like “inform your master in Westfall…”, while in the Demon Hunter starting zone, you are at least nominally in charge of the invasion. And I recall the player being treated as someone important in Cataclysm, Pandaria, etc.

    It might be apples and oranges since DH is a hero class and so forth… and admittedly I haven’t played much retail in the past 5 years… but I’m not as comfortable with a game that kowtows to me when it doesn’t feel deserved. “The customer is always right” but this relationship is unique in that we pay our game developers to give us things to do, and especially to earn.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Archey – in EQII it is kind of funny in the ways it can backfire. The email was triggered by my hitting the level cap. But they don’t always raise the level cap with every expansion, so back when I hit level 100 I got two such notes in the mail inviting me to some new content, but some of that content was newer than the other, and you cannot really tell until you get stuck in as to which is going to get you where. When I was 100 I went to Vespyr Isle first, and was not impressed. When I came back I wandered into the Plane of Magic mostly on a whim, having long since forgotten about the mail summons, only to find I had arrived in the optimal spot (at the optimal time) to get myself in position for the next expansion.

    EQII can be haphazard that way. It is really geared to the regular crowd and not to randos like me that show up for a month or two then wander away.

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  6. anypo8

    @Wilhelm In EVE you can have a single client usefully span monitors. I ran almost all the UI on one monitor and left the other larger monitor free for display and piloting. Best of both worlds. Was wondering whether this was a thing in EQII also?


  7. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @anypo8 – I haven’t tried that because my monitors have very different vertical resolutions, which I imagine would cause some complications. My main monitor is 1920×1200 and my second monitor, which was a freebie from the office, is 1920×900. So the second monitor is just out of game information.


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