The Day of No Downtime

Today is a strange day in New Eden as something that usually happens every single day did not happen.  There was no downtime at 11:00 UTC.  The game was not offline for the usual time, but persisted on through its regular break to keep running.

Celebrating no downtime

This lack of a downtime was cause to write up a whole Dev Blog about downtime, why they do it every day, and even how they picked the time.  It is another one of those posts that are worth the read just for the insight into the considerations.

Downtime generally isn’t an issue for me as, being on the Pacific coast, it is a very rare day when I am up and online when it happens.  But I am sure there are people for whom it is just the most annoying thing about EVE Online, this daily break in the action.  Then again, some people are probably relieved.  Some battles, like B-R5RB, didn’t end until downtime logged everybody off. (I went to bed and left my Dominix just drifting in game.  It made it to downtime.)

Of course, somebody always has the difficult questions:

No resetting of high sec asteroid belts?

Nosy Gamer, Twitter

So, as has been noted, it is a bit of a non-event.  It is literally something not happening.  But downtime is such a feature of the game that it seems worth noting.  And, of course, downtime will be back tomorrow.  But for one day there was no downtime, allowing almost 48 hours of continuous play… or idleness.  EVE Online is also one of those games without an inactivity timer so, among other things, downtime kicks all those people who just left the game client running and walked off.  There is also the possibility that maybe a downtime every single day will at some point no longer be a necessity.

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3 thoughts on “The Day of No Downtime

  1. yadot

    I know of players who walked away from the game in the AUSTZ because of the impact of DT. Not sure this will bring them back, but you never know.


  2. Dorath

    There were some interesting tidbits in that dev blog. While I don’t see them getting away from downtime entirely in the near future, I am hopeful that it can be reduced to 1-2 times per week relatively soon™.


  3. evehermit

    I’m not sure the length of Downtime has much impact on us Aussie players any more. It is only a few minutes most days. But I feel it has a psychological impact. Depending on daylight savings it hits the Eastern side of Australia at 9 or 10 pm. I will often not bother starting an EVE session if I know DT is within an hour. I’ve also found DT has a tendency to finish up my EVE sessions that might otherwise have continued for longer. It would be nice not to have to consider it.


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