Blood of Luclin Expansion Arrives for EverQuest II

Daybreak has released its 16th EverQuest II expansion, Blood of Luclin.

Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?

There was a little bit of nervousness about whether or not we might see the expansion today, despite it being the announced date, due to Daybreak being uncharacteristically quiet about the expansion on social media as the release approached.  Also, something about adornments popping off and orange ones not working.

But Daybreak appears to have gotten past that and has announced that the expansion is going live today and that players will be off to Luclin, one of Norrath’s moons. The servers appear to be up and ready to go now.  The expansion promo reads:

We will not wait for the shissar — that insidious race of snake people — to begin their invasion of Norrath! We, Norrath’s proven adventurers and artisans, will travel to the moon of Luclin to implore the moon-goddess herself to join us in stopping the shissar. If we all should fail, the shissar forces will slither across Luclin and arrive on our own doorsteps. Scouts to Luclin found the moon is not as easy to traverse as it might have once been and a great many threats await us. But nothing will stand in our way! Norrath unite!

Straight to the moon!  Also, I feel like “shissar” should be capitalized… and I am giggling a bit because Sunday’s Rick and Morty was also about a planet of sentient snakes.  Hell of a tie-in.

Features of the expansion include:

  • Level Increase to 120 – Take your character to all new heights with ten new Adventure and Tradeskill levels!
  • Experience new Mission, Adventure, Tradeskill, and Signature quests as you explore the mysteries of Luclin and confront new and legendary lunar creatures.
  • Overseer Feature – Recruit and send agents to do your bidding and earn rewards!
  • Conquer all new Solo, Heroic, and Raid content, including new challenge modes, and contested Raid fights!
  • Reach for the stars with 10 levels of new Spells and Combat Abilities.
  • Expand your knowledge with new Achievements, Collections, and more.

Most of that seems to be in the “we get this every expansion” category, but the Overseer feature is something altogether new.  I am not clear yet as to what it will add up to, but we shall see.  There are patch notes up in the forums about the release which, among other things, include this gem:

Corrected location where players were becoming stuck in a crevasse.

You need no longer beware the crevasse.

This expansion is somewhat special for me as it marks the first time since Desert of Flames that I have a character leveled up and ready to go into the new content.  So I will be bumbling my way into the expansion this evening and trying to figure out what is going on… and probably something about adornments.  Expect further updates.

Addendum: And there did end up being a trailer for the expansion.


3 thoughts on “Blood of Luclin Expansion Arrives for EverQuest II

  1. bhagpuss

    My first impressions are extremely positive but I am enjoying a massive nostalgia hit. Make sure you swap your panda gear for the new stuff in the box on the floor where you arrive. It doesn’t look like an upgrade but it really is.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @C. T. Murphy – Exciting? Maybe once in a while. Engaging, interesting, and sometimes frustrating is closer to the mark, along with the usual bedrock of nostalgia I suppose.

    @Bhagpuss – I have to get to that box on the floor first. Arrival is not yet imminent.


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