WoW Classic Gets Paid Character Transfers

As part of the patch last week, which was primarily about battlegrounds and key rings, there was a mention that support for paid character transfers had been added to the WoW Classic client but had not yet been enabled.

Well, now that has been enabled.

Classic is as classic does

With Tuesday’s update the interface has been unlocked that allows players to pay to move their characters to different realms, at least within a given set of rules.  The announcement said the following:

Paid Character Transfers are now available for players in WoW Classic who are looking to relocate their characters to a different realm within their region. There are a few things to keep in mind before you take the leap into making a home on a new realm.

  • Each transfer has a ninety-day cooldown.

  • Gold transfer limits specific level ranges are as follows:

    • Level 1-30 can transfer with up to 100 gold
    • Level 31-50 can transfer with up to 500 gold
    • Level 51-60 can transfer with up to 2000 gold
  • Characters cannot transfer from PvE realms to PvP Realms and RP realms cannot transfer to RP-PvP realms.

You cannot go from PvE to PvP, which I believe has been a long standing rule for character transfers, and you cannot transfer across regions, but otherwise you’re free to go where you want.  Is it time to abandon that PvP server?

The gold cap limit is both sad and amusing.  I have four characters past 30 and all told they don’t have 100 gold between them.  I’m going to be walking in Azeroth for a long time.

Reactions to this have been… mixed. The only real surprise for me was that nobody called it a “money grab” until the third comment on the announcement.  The move will certainly rankle as the addition of honor to PvP has made life miserable for some on PvP servers and the free character moves were all shut down on December 5 in the US and December 6 in the EU.

Anyway, there is now a shop button on the character selection screen where you can access this.  Of course, once you put together a cash shop UI it is a shame to waste it on just character transfers.  Bets on what goes in there next?

5 thoughts on “WoW Classic Gets Paid Character Transfers

  1. SynCaine

    $25 is just such a giant “We hate you” move by Blizzard. The transfer is all automated, so it costs Blizzard nothing, and most people using this will do so because of issues Blizzard caused (server populations + honor system), so its just Blizzard charging fans to ‘fix’ what they caused. Not surprised, but still.

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  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SynCaine – I used to cut SOE some slack way back in the day when they were charging something crazy like $50 (or was it more?) because you had to open a service ticket and somebody had to do the database change by hand. But yes, these days, when it is pretty much automated, a price that high… more than a month’s subscription fee… has to be seen as a purposeful deterrent to server transfers.

    Of course, that said, I have heard my share of horror stories from customer service reps about people doing transfers, then calling up to undo them or claiming they selected the wrong server or whatever lame excuse, and the policy is always to keep the customer happy and fix their problems (undeleting characters is always a big one I hear), so Blizz and other companies (Daybreak also charges $25 for such transfers) may have a legit reason to deter people.

    But in the context of their server balance problems, this does look pretty bad.

    Anyway, I have no plans to use this new service on WoW Classic.


  3. Archey

    Economics says that the value of a good or service is not what it costs the provider, but what a customer will pay for it. Apparently the price is rightly $25 for a sufficient number of people to make it viable.

    That’s my un-cynical side talking. The cynical side chimes in with my guess as to the next cash shop item. In a bid to get closer to retail mount options, they will hold a buy one mount, get 200 free sale. /rimshot?


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Archey – Oh yes, I have often been on your side of the argument that cost and pricing are necessarily divorced, that there is often a market price for a certain sort of good and you fail to adhere to that at your peril. Not all $60 AAA video games cost the same to make, yet they all have that same MSRP.

    And it may very well be that $25 is the optimum spot on the supply and demand curve. I don’t really know. But I suspect that if there was high price elasticity, if Blizz could drop the price to $10 and sell five times as many say, that they might not do it all the same due to the customer service burden that can come with it. That is a situation where a secondary cost might influence pricing.

    Also, when you give something away for free in order to solve a problem and then start charging for it before the problem appears solved, you’re not going to make a lot of fans. Life in the digital age.


  5. Redbeard

    About your mounts….

    Don’t worry. I finally got my first one for Az at L49, and that involved me doing a lot of fishing in Tanaris for items to sell on the auction house, such as Firefin, Blackmouth, Winter Squid, etc., along with the contents from the occasional lockbox. Oh, and skipping some training updates as well.


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