From a notebook found in the Qeynos library, author unknown:

I set out from the north gates of the city.  I had sailed there when I had heard the news.  I chose to walk, to see the lands, to feel the vast spread of the Karanas, and even after so much time had passed it still felt both familiar and new.

I followed the same path that spawned so many adventures and saw so many travelers over the years, passing small settlements and camps.

The spires still stood, and the bridges were in good repair and guarded still.  Qeynos may be a backwater now, but its power is not completely spent.

Across the bridge and into the eastern range of Karana I went, and to a small settlement where I found what I sought.

The marker sat there, just as I had been told, his flaming sword now permanently sheathed in the rock that marks his passing.  And I sat a while and thought of all of his works and deeds and adventures we had shared in realms now forgotten.

Aradune Mithara – Outrider of Karana

Perhaps I wept a bit, lost in thought there in a quiet corner of Norrath.  Time passed and day turned into night and back into day as I sat.  There are so many memories and his labors were great.  But now he is at rest.

And he will be forever part of his creation, the land he toiled to bring to life for so many.

7 thoughts on “Pilgrimage

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  2. alex harmon

    A beautifully lore-driven tribute to an beautiful mind, whose creations are indelibly marked upon my own. Thank you for this, and thank you, Brad.


  3. Tomias Immortalis

    Hi – I love this blog post of yours – I found it randomly on a google search and have returned to it several times this past year. I love it so much that I would love your permission to adapt it as part of a tribute episode to Brad for my EQ based YT series.
    Thanks for your time, and regardless of your response thanks for your post it has truly brought a tear to my ear on more then one occasion.


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