Blizzard Wants to Lock You In with a Flying Rat

A different sort of Room 101.

With Tuesday’s post about the Visions of N’Zoth update for Battle for Azeroth, there was a short bit of discussion as to what else Blizz might do to keep people subscribed between now and the launch of the Shadowlands expansion.  I suggested that they might do another “free mount with a six month subscription” offer.

So I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when less that 48 hours later Blizzard announced a “free mount with a six month subscription” offer.

Welcome Squeakers

The deal itself is the same as the usual 6 month subscription deal, which averages out to $12.99 a month in the US, saving you a bit over the usual $14.99 when you pay by the month.  You just get a free mount, which is a $25 value, because that is what Blizzard charges for mounts and the fans have established that they will pay that much.

Now with free rat

I don’t think you can get Squeakers on his own, but why would you want to? [Edit: Yes you can, though it is tough to find on the web site.]  And certainly Blizz wants to keep you on the books until the 9.0 patch and the warm up to Shadowlands.  And this will no doubt play well in Asia where the lunar new year is approaching, and with it the year of the rat.

The mount and subscription deal is a limited time offer.  You have until February 23rd to take advantage of this deal.  If you bought it on the  last day that would get you into August on your subscription, when I suspect we will see the Shadowlands expansion launch.

Of course, the mount does not apply to WoW Classic, where I have been spending my time, so I am not particularly interested.  I already have enough mounts in WoW retail and, due to the last six month deal mis-firing, I am still subscribed out until June anyway.

9 thoughts on “Blizzard Wants to Lock You In with a Flying Rat

  1. Bodhi Rana

    On your picture in the post, you’ll see the $25 price tag to buy the mount without the 6-month sub. This allows folks that pay for their subs with gold to also buy the mount with gold (via converting tokens to blizzard balance).


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bodhi Rana – It is hard to find on the web site, but in game you do get the option to buy the mount by itself. And I guess I could see a reason to spend $25 cash on a mount and pass up saving that much on a six month subscription, but I don’t have it in me to grind that much gold. And that does not change the obvious desire Blizzard has to keep people subscribed until the new expansion drops.


  3. Esteban

    The proletarian, earthbound Ratstallion, obtained through activities in Legion-era Dalaran sewers, is the superior rat. It even comes with a minor sense of personal accomplishment, which I am told some people go in for these days.

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  4. kiantremayne

    Worth noting that anyone who already has a currently active recurring 6 month subscription gets the rat for free. Note that having a recurring sub set up doesn’t stop you using balance to add game time, which pushes the next charging date for the sub back – I’ve got a plan set up but earn enough gold for WoW tokens to feed my habit, so basically I get these mounts for free in return for letting Blizzard keep my credit card on file.
    Also, don’t Blizzard usually put a mount in the shop for the Chinese new year? So in this case, they’ve taken the opportunity to use a mount they were adding anyway as a subscription-grabber.


  5. Redbeard

    I killed waaay too many giant rats over the years playing D&D for me to want to use one as a mount. Blizz has come a long way from the days of the Sparkle Pony.


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