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Into the Kronosphere

Being back to playing EverQuest II at the level cap in the latest expansion put me at something of a disadvantage financially.  A lot of my characters are pretty old, with the oldest dating back to the launch of the game in 2004, with another generation that was rolled up as part of the EverQuest II Extended experiment in 2011.

But like most MMOs, and their MUD predecessors, EQII has been subject to quite a bit of inflation over the years.  SOE, then Daybreak, has tried to keep that under control  In the deign of the game they opened the gap between coins, so 1 silver was worth 100 copper rather than 10, while back at launch mobs didn’t even drop coin in an effort to keep the money supply tight.

But all plans like that fall through when faced with the players.  Exploits, dupes, and holes in the system were found, the money supply ballooned a few times, and the price of everything went up.

So in the game with even my nine year old characters I was feeling a bit of a pinch trying to by things from other players off of the broker.  Those characters felt pretty set back in the day with 100p in their pocket, now stuff things I was looking at were selling for hundreds or thousands of plat, with some items in the auction channel going for hundreds of thousands of plat.

It is a different economy.

The one thing I could do was sell though.  Some things, like collectables, were selling for dozens to hundreds of plat on the broker at times, so I forswore filling out my own collections, opting to sell them to raise plat.  And I did pretty well with that.  When there is a lot of coinage in the economy it is easy to get some of it to stick to you if you focus on selling.

Coins gained so far

That meant day to day expenses were well and truly covered.  The cost of mending your armor is still stuck in 2004, and even your mercenary only runs a bit over a plat every 30 minutes up to level 110.  (For whatever reason your mercenary is free after that.)

But when I went looking for Adept level skills for characters, those were running 10K and up, and if there is a legitimate complaint about EQII, it is that characters have way too many skills.  I couldn’t cover skill upgrades on one character, much less across a few with my selling efforts.

I was able to supplement that some with the loyalty points cash option.  The loyalty point broker will sell you a bag of 500p for 5 points.

At the Loyalty seller in Qeynos Harbor

That is good for topping up some alts, making sure anybody I drag out has enough coins to deal with the day to day costs of the game.  But all my points would only buy about 60K plat, so I was doing better selling at the broker.

So I muddled along with apprentice skills until over the holidays Daybreak had a sale on Krono.

Krono came into the game back in 2012 and is like EVE Online PLEX and WoW Tokens, a way to buy game time for in-game currency from players who need that in-game currency.

All About Krono from back in 2012

I bought two and, looking at the market, listed them for 5 million plat each.  Well, once I got them to the broker I listed them.  You have to drag them from your character sheet to the broker, and somewhere in that transition they disappeared.  But I opened a ticket and Daybreak fixed that pretty quickly.

Anyway, I listed them and they sold fairly quickly, which probably means I listed them too cheaply, but whatever.  I was now in possession of 10 million plat.

And that changes everything… or some things.

I doled out a million plat to a few characters and suddenly prices on the broker didn’t seem so bad.  I wasn’t splurging on things… there are a lot of items I could use that run above 250K plat, a price range that would noticeably drain my largess.  But cheaper items on the broker took less thought.

And I started keeping shinies I picked up, adding them to my collections rather than diligently listing them all on the market.  The whole thing really reduced my desire to sell and took the edge off the financial aspect of the game.

But I wonder if that is a good thing.

My observation over the years has been that people who get a lot of in-game currency easily, be it via RMT (illicit or officially sanctioned) or from friends or just good luck, tend to tire more quickly of the MMO in question than somebody dedicated to the financial grind.