Quote of the Day – The Hubris of a New Eden FPS

An Eve Online first-person shooter is CCP’s greatest folly

-Jeremy Peel, VG24/7

The money quote was actually the headline, but it will do.

Last month CCP announced changes to their first person shoot plans.  The work around what had been called Project Nova was going to move to a new team and be given a new name.

A number of news sites jumped on the news and declared that Project Nova had been cancelled.  Massively OP doubled down on that line and even brought up in their podcast.

In the end the problem is not that some web sites don’t understand what the word “cancelled” means or cannot resist a good headline.  The problem is that CCP did not simply cancel Project Nova, but kept the whole FPS idea alive with another team and under another (secret now) name.

The problem is that the only lesson learned after more than a decade (the initial DUST 514 announcement is coming up on eleven years) of thrashing and failure on the FPS front is apparently that they shouldn’t announce projects prematurely.  And they did this in the midst of telling us that the FPS project would keep going.  If you take the view that Project Nova was cancelled, then they effectively announced the new project right then and there.  They just were not going to tell us what it was called.  So we’ll make up something to call it I guess.  I’m going to keep tagging it as Project Nova just to maintain a thread of continuity.

And maybe things have changed.  Maybe being owned by Pearl Abyss and having its resources at the disposal of the project will lead to a different outcome.  Maybe better talent or a different vision will make it happen.  Maybe they will be less focused on tying whatever it is they end up developing into EVE Online and more focused on making a good game with its own virtues, a game that people would play even despite its connection to EVE Online.

But we won’t know until we see it, and the track record so far does not lend one hope.

Hat Tip to Wolf Brothers Inc for spotting this.

6 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – The Hubris of a New Eden FPS

  1. Athie

    It’s their white whale because… There is so much space in the FPS market? EVE players really just wish they were playing a completely different game? Anyone at all who isn’t an EVE player wants to play an EVE-adjacent game? It’s just baffling to me. I remain baffled.

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  2. Archey

    I don’t understand why they want it to be an FPS. Looking at the Superdata lists for a hint of what sells nowadays, new FPS success stories aren’t exactly happening every day. CounterStrike, Call of Duty, and other hoary old chestnuts seem to be where the only interest is.

    With 15+ years of story and lore, I don’t see why an adventure game in the Eve universe wouldn’t occur to someone. Those occasionally find an audience, and it seems like it would also draw new players into New Eden if well done. But instead CCP seems set on banging their head against this actively DISproven idea over and over.


  3. TurAmarth

    Then please do remain baffled Athie… That anyone who IS an EVE player doesn’t want to play EVE from new and different angles with more immersion and more to simply DO, baffles me… but it impacts me no more than that. I can’t help shortsighted people to see farther than they care to and that’s that.

    Done right, done so that one can transition from Shipboard to Avatar, same as we did before but WITH CONTENT… With places to go and things to do, both PVE and PVP, taking place NOT “adjacent” to EVE but INSIDE EVE… not “a completely different game”, the SAME game, EVE Online, in the SAME client… something like this,

    YOU scan down a wormhole and fly an EVA fitted Astero to a Sleeper Station. Form your cloaked ship YOU hack the docking station access codes and (still under cloak) dock your Astero to the Sleeper Station… YOU transition to your Avatar and hack the station’s personnel egress port and then, on foot, YOU explore, fight, survive or die (and wake in your EVE Med clone, because you are still in New Eden). YOU hack, salvage and load up all you can carry run or fight your way back to your ship, trantsion BACK to Shipboard and fly back to an Empire station and sell your loot & salvage… ALL INSIDE THE EVE CLIENT.

    If it was done well, artistically to EVE standards with interesting content and current AI NPCs, I can’t help you one bit if you think that would suck. That’s your lack of imagination, not mine.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @TurAmarth – We didn’t miss anything because CCP has consistently and reliably demonstrated that all of the dreams and wishful thinking are, and remain, beyond their capability. It was never going to be because CCP was never in a position to make anything like that happen.


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