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EVE Online and Quadrant 2

With no EVE Fanfest this year… maybe I was premature in marking my prediction that 2018 would be the last one as wrong… we were instead treated to a video premier of the trailer for the Quadrant 2 update.  Called Eclipse, it follows the Fight or Flight quadrant and highlights CCP’s desire to… I don’t know… change cadences every couple of years?

Eclipse is coming our way next week

We have quadrants for quarter releases and Team Talos for releases every two weeks plus the usual monthly update plus… and expansion too?  Or are quadrants in lieu of expansions?  I don’t know.  But they made a pretty trailer.


It is very pretty.  The trailers often are.  But it doesn’t tell us much straight up.  Lots of Triglavians running around and, towards the end, what appears to be a CONCORD gate getting powered off.

The gate just before it goes dark

Does that mean the Triglavians will be shutting down travel?  Re-routing traffic?  Will they be cutting off choke points?  We shall see.

Also not dispensing much information was the news post about Eclipse.

The one thing we did learn is that the next event coming up will start next week.  Called Let The Hunt Begin, I don’t think those are Easter eggs we’ll be going after.  Or maybe they are.  Capsules look like eggs, no?

Coming soon

The blurb for the event says:

First up for the Eclipse Quadrant will be the return of The Hunt on 6 April, a time of year when Capsuleers will undertake their now-annual egg hunt! Players will hunt down and scan capsules in order to gain access to special event sites, and potentially valuable drops. This will be an event with smaller ship classes like Frigates and Destroyers as the focus, so pilots with less experience and fewer skills trained can get involved. During The Hunt, player pods will have a chance of dropping their implants as loot when destroyed, so get podding!

Starting an event on a Monday rather than a Tuesday is a little out of character, but maybe they’ve lost track of days the way so many of us have when force to work from home for weeks.

Then, earlier this week, CCP post about the EVE Online ecosystem.  Therein they graded themselves on how the game and the economy was currently doing and set out some goals and high level plans as how to improve things.  How that will line up to concrete changes in the coming months is unclear.  It is easy to say, for example, that you want dynamic distribution for mineral resources, it is another thing to implement a system that both won’t be abused and won’t drive away a chunk of the player base.  Change is tricky.

Finally, there was a mass test on Singularity where people got to see the new Avatar model, which is also featured in the trailer.

The new Avatar model

I’ll have another post about that at a later date.

Anyway, there are things to look forward to I suppose.  We shall see what we get.

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