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PLEX for Good and COVID-19

CCP announced yesterday that they would be reviving the PLEX for Good idea to raise funds to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

PLEX for Good Returns

The PLEX for Good plan has seen CCP channel donations from players to support various disaster relief programs, most recently involving the Australian wild fires, which was just back in January of this year.

To give to this campaign you can contract PLEX in the game to the character CCP PLEX for GOOD. CCP would like you to please keep the minimum donation at 250 PLEX.  That works out to about $10, though with the PLEX pricing on the site a definite number can be difficult to pin down exactly.  $10 gets you 240 PLEX, but $20 gets you 500.

Edit: CCP lowered the minimum request to 240 PLEX to match the $10 purchase amount.

In the end though, the real-world monetary value of all PLEX collected will be donated by CCP to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund at the conclusion of the campaign.

Since I spent some time last go around figuring out how to do this, I thought I would mention how to actually contract PLEX.  By default, PLEX is stuck in your PLEX vault, and if you go to your wallet, it will show you how much PLEX you have and let you spend it on things, but you cannot actually contract it from there. (Maybe you can, but I couldn’t figure out how.)

That is because the PLEX Vault is really in your inventory window.  You need to go there and drag the big PLEX icon over to Item Hangar.

Dragging PLEX

When you drop that on your Item Hangar it will ask you how much PLEX you want to move there.  Once it is in your Item Hangar, it is like a normal object in EVE Online.  You can put it in your cargo hold, undock, get blown up, and have your loss mail become a thread over on /r/eve.  Or maybe you’ll right click on it, select Create Contract and contract it to the PLEX for Good campaign.

I chose the latter.

There is also a video in CCP’s post that hints that we might get a mask to wear in-game to keep capsuleers safe.

The face covering option some of us need

I can see pirates wearing that even if they aren’t worried about social distancing as they tackle you.