The Badlands Crypt

When we were out in the Badlands for turned out to be our final run at Uldaman, Skonk and I were hanging around one of the NPCs camps waiting for everybody to collect up.  Bouncing around, as people do when they’re ready to go, I started running up and down the peak where the camp was located, only to spot something I couldn’t recall seeing before.

Up the hill above the camp, Skronk down below on his mount

I’ve probably been here before, but it has been almost a decade since Cataclysm changed the old world, so I am not sure it is there anymore.  And, in any case, it has been many more years since I was actively leveling up in the Badlands.  So I went in to check it out.

The crypt invites

There are no mobs or anything in the crypt.  It is all static and very quiet.  But there is a tableau set up at the bottom.

Down in the heart of the crypt

I am sure somebody spent some time setting up and arranging everything just so.  The whole thing implies that there is a tale to be told about this, if only there was somebody around who witnessed the events.

All in all, there was nothing in the crypt that gained me even a single experience point, but it was a bit of an experience all the same.  Another of the little details strewn about old Azeroth.

5 thoughts on “The Badlands Crypt

  1. Arhanta

    There are interesting spots all over the old Azeroth world. Two small pieces of useless trivia:
    – the Last Relic of Argus random teleport toy has a chance to bring you inside this crypt (this is how I first found the crypt myself)
    – there actually is a mob in it, a stealthy rare – most likely already killed by another adventurer when you visited


  2. Redbeard

    I’ve enjoyed finding all of these quirky little places around, that makes the place feel more like a world rather than a series of quests designed to get you from Point A to Point B.


  3. Redbeard

    @Wigge– Aha, I know the scene you’re talking about. It was based on a short story (I think it was Howard, but it might have been Lin Carter) that unfortunately was cut short in the movie.


  4. Shintar

    I saw the title of this post in my feed and went: “What crypt in the Badlands?” Despite of having spent a decent amount of time in that zone in recent months, I have no memory whatsoever of encountering that crypt before. Just goes to show.


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