This week Blizzard posted a somewhat tentative note about the prospects for BlizzCon this year.

BlizzCon in Blue

The post reflects a lot of the uncertainty we all face currently.  Blizzard is continuing to plan and prepare for BlizzCon, along with some alternatives to the traditional annual gathering, as it is unclear what the world will be like come early November.

It isn’t as though Blizzard won’t have content for the event.  There will be something more concrete about Diablo IV certainly and some celebration of the Shadowlands expansion for WoW, which should have gone live by that point.  I also hope that they will be able to show us something about a plan for The Burning Crusade in retro server form.

So there is a foundation on which to build a BlizzCon.  But are we going to want an event with 40,000 people packed into the Anaheim Convention Center come the fall?  Other events, not to mention major league sports, have been hoping to resume normality come the summer, but it isn’t clear if that is a realistic expectation.  There is no vaccine yet, there is no cure, and the latest news seems to indicate that even if you’ve had COVID-19 you might not have immunity.

We may get a virtual BlizzCon instead.  Quite possibly an abbreviated version as well.  Perhaps Blizzard won’t put it behind a paywall?  That would be nice.

Of course, I might not care about BlizzCon come November.  Right now our family is lucky to be doing okay.  I still have a job, but my wife is on the shelf for the moment, as is my daughter.  And my daughter is expecting to go away to college in August.  There is a lot of uncertainty.

2 thoughts on “BlizzCon?

  1. Redbeard

    Yeah, November is a lifetime away from now.

    We still have our jobs, but of the two my wife’s is more stable because she works for a company with a bullseye as their logo and she’s considered essential personnel.

    I’d like to think that things will get better, but there’s no guarantee that once the lockdowns are finally eased that the number of infections won’t spike again.

    But in a real sense, holding a virtual Blizzcon would be the best thing for Activision Blizzard, especially given all the self inflicted wounds they’ve done the past year or two. Without a crowd to have an ugly reaction on another “do you guys not have phones?” screw up, Blizz can avoid the worst of any potential fallout.


  2. mikeazariah

    I think it will take a while to bounce back to normal.

    Some will jump in with both feet as soon as they can, others of us will be more cautious, anticipating the second wave.



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