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Pandemic Pushes New Eden PCU Past 40K

I kicked off the EVE Online launcher yesterday morning to find that the online player count was past the 39K mark.  That later pushed past the 40K mark, peaking at 40,293 before the EUTZ players started logging off according to EVE Offline.

April 11 Peak Concurrent Users

It was almost there last week, capping out at 39,376 last Sunday, but when Saturday hit it made it.

A lot of online games are seeing a surge of players.  World of Warcraft has been perking up, WoW Classic has queues again on some servers, and physical copies of Animal Crossing: New Horizons are tough to find in some jurisdictions, so it probably isn’t a huge shock to find EVE Online is also benefiting from all of us staying home.

And today, Sunday, which is traditionally the day of the week when the population is the highest, the count again made it past the 40K mark, hitting 40,597 players shortly after noon my time.  I am not sure if Easter helped or hurt that number, but it made it past the Saturday peak.

Sunday beats out Saturday by a bit

Is passing 40K a big deal?  Sort of.  Yes, that falls well short of the 2013 all time PCU number of 65,303, set back on May 5, 2013.  And even as late as 2017 the peak was closer to 50K than 40K.

PCU for 2016 through 2019

On the other hand, this is the first time since December of 2017 that the PCU has passed the 40K mark.  It is also a considerable step up from the Chaos Era (highlighted in red) when the Sunday peak numbers dropped well below 30K range.

And if you look at the chart that covers the life of the game, I rolled in back in 2006 when hitting a 30K PCU on a Sunday was kind of a big deal.  So it is always about perspective I suppose.

EVE Online isn’t what it once was, but it is still a long way from the crater some were predicting.

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