Honest Game Trailers does Animal Crossing New Horizons

All the rage on the Nintendo Switch these days… to the extent that I have been feeling the pressure to join in… is Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

All the rage

So naturally it was deemed a prime topic for Honest Game Trailers, who explore the game in their own special way.

Sold out in most stores… as is the Switch itself… and now soft-banned in China because people have been sharing their Hong Kong protest themed decor and apparel… I am tempted to join in.

My daughter has been way into this.  But she only asked for a Switch Lite for Christmas because she heard there was was going to be a new Animal Crossing title out for the platform.  Animal Crossing: New Leaf was her favorite non-Pokemon title on the DS series, so she was very keen the new game.

I am less certain.  I never played it on the DS and, while my Twitter time line was filled with talk about the game, I am not sure it would fit in with my gaming needs.  I used to play a lot of Pokemon on the DS at specific times, like when watching sports on TV. (Wife is a hockey fan.)  But now there are no sports and not a lot of quiet time with everybody stuck at home all the time and working from home where there is no longer the hard cut-off of getting up to go home.

And, of course, others have had mixed relationships with the title.

Business Insider is of several minds…

If it were not $60, I’d be more inclined.  Likewise if I had finished up Pokemon Sword already, but I am only at the 6th gym there.  Again, finding time/place/peace to play it can be a challenge.

But my daughter is all-in and enjoying it still.  I am trying to get her to throw together 500 words about it, but she is simultaneously too busy for that and chafing for something to do.

5 thoughts on “Honest Game Trailers does Animal Crossing New Horizons

  1. Vigo Grimborne

    Yeah, pretty sure that first article is just rage-baiting. Valid points or not, a title that inflammatory is just meant to draw attention. (Also, why is a publication called Business Insider writing multiple articles about a Switch game?)


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Vigo – It didn’t come up in that tight little batch of headlines, but they have at least two other articles about the game, one raving about how it is the perfect distraction for the shelter in place era. Business Insider has been known to go pursue topics that don’t seem to fit with its name.

    @Tessa – We shall see. I ask, she agrees half-heartedly, then never follows up because she’s been busy on Zoom with her friends or something. She is 18 now, my influence is limited.

    @Bhagpuss – But this game starts off with you literally owing a mortgage you need to pay off, so it might be a little more in your face about it.


  3. Naithin

    There is very little ‘game’ here to speak of. I don’t even mean that in a particularly disparaging way, I think AC does everything it sets out to do — it just wasn’t a very good match for *me*.

    If the idea of kitting out your house (visitor houses, and ultimately the island itself) with largely cosmetic-only items doesn’t appeal to you, then it’s quite likely you’d tire of it very quickly. If you WOULD like to do these things then this game has you well covered with a pretty dang good design editor to really add your custom touch to things should you so wish, alongside a huge array of things to find and collect otherwise.

    There is also fishing and bug collection to kit out your museum.

    But I don’t think I’m being particularly hyperbolic to say that is about it. And if those elements don’t sound as if they would appeal to you, then steer clear. The social interactions as they were with your residents and visitors is fairly rudimentary too, so there isn’t even the character story aspect that something like Stardew Valley provided.

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