Where is the Scenario Mod for This?

Due to the absolutely staggering lack of leadership currently at the federal level, regional groupings have begun to form in an effort to coordinate responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The internet being what it is, people are tracking and mapping these groupings.

Regional Groupings

There are even people working on flag variations for things like the Western States Pact. (Though, now that there are five states in it, the flag needs a re-think.)

And, because I am what I am, my thoughts immediately go towards a mod or scenario or whatever to reflect this, if not break up, then regional grouping of these re-United States.  Civilization or Crusader Kings or Hearts of Iron or Europa Universalis, in one or all of these somebody has to be brewing up a scenario.   Who has one?

6 thoughts on “Where is the Scenario Mod for This?

  1. everwake

    As a proud Ohioan, I would rather contract COVID than form a partnership with Michigan. :)

    And as someone who just moved to Minnesota, I think they might feel similarly about Wisconsin.

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  2. kiantremayne

    Anyone who has read S.M. Stirling’s “Dies The Fire” series of books is probably mentally labelling the Western States Pact as Montival right now.
    Anyone who hasn’t read them should probably treat themselves to a read :)

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  3. Redbeard

    Looks like our new capital will be Chicago, and we keep both the Indy 500 and the Kentucky Derby under our purview. As long as we don’t have to cheer for Da Bears, I’m strangely fine with this.

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  4. SynCaine

    If the North East became its own country, and the West coast states did the same, the rest of America would become, to steal a phrase, a shithole country. Can we make that actually happen please?

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  5. Telwyn

    I rather like ‘alternate histories’, Shadowrun gives one such future for the USA (and many other countries), although it’s increasingly becoming alternate history rather than future given the age of the original rpg’s world-building. A rewrite of the USA’s alternate (future) history based on a viral pandemic instead of a mostly Internet crash based distopian future could easily make use of this map instead of the UCAS/CAS/First Nations split it envisaged…

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