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EVE Online 17th Anniversary Celebrations Coming Tomorrow

EVE Online turns 17 years old this week and is kicking off the celebration tomorrow.

Happy 17th Birthday

There will of course be a login campaign with rewards like SKINs and boosters and apparel and the ubiquitous skill points. (Maybe some fireworks too?)  Hopefully the first three won’t be of the temporary variety as is the case with the current login campaign.

I am also a bit curious as to how the birthday celebration campaign will co-exist with the current low key login campaign the company launched in the middle of last month.  I am still well shy of the end goal and the skill point reward there on every account.

Not even 2/3 done yet

Will it go away, wrap up, or play along side the new campaign?  I guess we’ll know after downtime tomorrow.

The new campaign will run from downtime on May 5 until downtime on May 19 and you will need to log in for at least ten of those days in order to collect all of the goodies.  As usual, Omega clones get better rewards than Alphas, but if you upgrade your account before the end of the campaign you get all of the Omega rewards you missed up until that point.

In addition, from May 7 to May 20 there will be the Capsuleer Clash event, with sites going up around New Eden that will reward new SKINs, limited time cerebral accelerators, limited time standings boosters, and special limited time 10 pilot Needlejack Filaments.

There will also be some special Permaband SKINs in the New Eden Store for a mere 17 PLEX each.  That is cheap enough for me to grab a set for both my main and alt, even if I don’t generally fly the hulls they are for.

So I will keep on logging all my accounts in.  We shall see how good the prizes end up being.


It looks like the campaigns will run together in two panels on the login screen.

The long login campaign up front

The Capsuleer Day campaign on the back tab

Also, the SKINs for the Capsuleer Day rewards are bind on claim, so make sure you send them to the right character.  The first SKIN is for your capsule.


I seem to recall that they fixed it so that your capsule SKIN choice will stick even after you jump in a ship, but I still have the gold SKIN from the 10 year anniversary collector’s edition if it doesn’t.