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Burn Jita 2020 Seems Unlikely

We’re getting towards the end of what one might consider the Burn Jita season and there hasn’t been any word if the event would be returning this year, which seems to be a pretty solid indication that it won’t.

CCP used to put up a warning about the event

Burn Jita started off back in late April of 2012 when the then CFC decided to disrupt commerce in the main trade hub of New Eden.  It was, in its way, an extension of the ice interdiction and Hulkageddon events  The first Burn Jita only ran for a few days, but it had some impact, surprised some people, and got its share of notice outside the game.

From France’s Le Figaro

I was there on the opening night, taking screen shots and even putting together a video.

It was generally considered a rousing success, with even CCP chiming in, and somehow managed to let just about everybody involved claim victory.  CCP even did a dev blog about the event.

Things went so well that the event became something of an annual rite, a ritual of spring, and I went to watch and participate every time.  One year it went to Amarr for role play reasons, so I took screen shots there instead, but it was a regular thing.

You can click on this link for the Burn Jita blog tag and scroll down all the posts, year after year, about the event.

As an event it became more organized as those running it figured out the best way to get things done.  The first Burn Jita seemed like complete chaos compared to the well oiled machine that it became as the years went on.  As with all things Goon, it was simplified so that the average line member could log on and join in.  You could get online, get on comms, get in the fleet, be given a gank fit ship, told when to undock, be warped around to a target, told when to shoot, and get to watch yet another expensive freighter explode, followed by all the ships in the wing and CONCORD imposed their belated vengeance.

Then it was back to the station to wait out your timer then undock for the next kill.  A skilled cadre of players from MiniLuv, the high sec ganking sig of the Imperium, kept the party rolling while making it all seem smooth and easy.

The thing is, putting together Burn Jita is a lot of work.  They have to collect together and assemble tens of thousands of gank fit destroyers, get people to commit to various parts of the operation, and basically be ready to run a rolling gank op for 23.5 hours a day for four or five days straight.  It is basically a concentrated war at an operational and organizational level, which is the sort of thing that can burn people out on the game.

So I suspect that we may have hit a point where nobody is hyped up enough to put in all the work required to run it for the seventh or eighth time.

As an Imperium line member, and a lazy one at that, I am probably less privy to coalition planning than even a modestly competent spy in the organization, so the idea that nobody is interested enough to step up is just speculation on my part.

But even if that is not the case, it does seem like Burn Jita won’t be happening this year.

Speculation aside, it was announced that the Goon Expeditionary Force, the deployment SIG for people like me who get restless when there isn’t a conflict in null sec, is being spun up for a deployment soon.  While you could have a deployment AND do Burn Jita, it seems unlikely.  There would be a lot of organizational overlap between the two, so I suspect the deployment is what is happening.

Maybe a year or two off from Burn Jita will be good.  At some point somebody will miss it and get hyped up enough to take up the burden of running that show.  For now though, it seems like Jita will be spared the extra carnage this year.