Character Log Off Comes to EVE Online at Long Last

Players can now log out to the Character Selection screen instead of exiting the game when changing characters.

June 23 Patch Notes Update

Hallelujah the day has finally come!   If you have two characters on your account you can now swap between them without exiting the game and logging back in.  Now when you hit escape to get the settings and options window, there is a new choice down in the lower right, “Log Off.”

The middle one

When you click that for the first time you get a dialog asking if you want to return to the character select screen.

Why yes, please!

It is like a new day has dawned.  People have been asking for this for years.

Okay, I have to admit that logging out and exiting and logging back in are probably not that far apart when you look at the time it takes.  But it feels better at some level to just be able to log out.

And I am not sure how much of the EVE Online audience this will really affect.  The way skill training works, with one character training at a time (unless you buy multi-character training), there was a long stretch where this feature would have meant nothing to me.  I had the most basic of alts and never used them for anything.  Everything  was focused on my main, so swapping characters wasn’t something I did ever.

I had a second account… and a third… long before this would have ever been all that meaningful to me.

But nearly 14 years into playing this game, my two main accounts have alts with 50-70 million skill points on them that I often use for side tasks or high sec things.  I contract them things, or swap the training over to them now and then, and those actions always felt burdensome due to having to log out then click the launcher to log back in.

So now we have it.  I honestly didn’t think the day would come.

5 thoughts on “Character Log Off Comes to EVE Online at Long Last

  1. anypo8

    Welcome change!

    Remember how this was always said to be impossibly difficult? I’m sure the changes in login infrastructure over the last few years made it easier, but I’d also bet that it mostly just took someone caring. I feel like these kind of improvements might be a side-effect of the CCP buyout; I’m guessing the new masters might be expecting a bit more from the user experience.


  2. Mailvaltar

    Holy crap, I’d never thought I’d see the day either.

    I’ve actually been using all three characters on my main account regularly for a long time now. One is my main Jita-alt (with skills for lowering sales tax and all that jazz), the other my high-sec hauler. If this cuts even a few seconds off each re-log I’ll be very happy.

    I don’t know squat about programming, but I’d never understood why this was supposed to be that hard to do. After all each and every other MMORPG I’ve played has always had that option…


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Mailvaltar – It was probably some architectural thing in the original that made it a pain to implement. There is always an assumption that because something is easy to describe that it must be easy to code. I have a long tale about a customer yelling at us about wanting cut/copy/paste in a specific area of a graphical development environment I used to work on. They kept telling us that everything does cut/copy/paste, so it must be easy. It is built into the OS. We tried to explain that the little icons they wanted to copy to another development screen worked because they inherited a half a dozen different settings and that if they didn’t exist or were different in the other app things might work differently or not at all. They simply could not understand that our simple drag and drop icons were more complex than they imagined.

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  4. Archey

    The problem, as I understand it, is that in the old versions, when you log in as a character, that character’s “stuff” was irrevocably loaded into the session and could not be swapped out for another character’s.

    It’s a classic example of decisions made early on, when MMOs were still pretty new, that were a lot of work to change and the gameplay implications were pretty minimal: it only affects a certain % of the player base and only inconveniences them by a few seconds. Combine hard to implement with minimal benefit and you have a feature far down the priority list.


  5. Shintar

    And here I thought Neverwinter was majorly behind the times when it launched without this feature back in 2013… (They added it soon after.)


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