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Hangar Work as War Approaches

Lots of stuff has been going on in null sec with war looming.  I mentioned getting out of Cloud Ring and the last Keepstar there already.  And then there are the ADM ops, people out ratting and mining to improve our defenses.  Even The Mittani has been our in a Procurer “digging trenches” for our defense.

There have also been some ops to cover further citadel removals, both unanchoring our own and shooting a few that might get used by the approaching foes.

Nobody will be docking up in that Athanor

I did get a surprise on one op.  They don’t tell us where we are headed when an op starts… operational security and spies and all that… so we showed up at one Fortizar and I immediately thought, “Oh, I have some ships here I have been meaning to fly back to our home Keepstar!” and then it got taken down and I got the note that all of those ships are now in asset safety.

Oh my

I am going to have to pay to get them back I guess.

The hostiles are starting to setup shop around us.  Pandemic Horde has been moving into Hophib in Aridia as a base to use against Fountain.  NullSechnaya Sholupen has been working out of Sahkt to hit Delve. (My ships were piled up in Sakht waiting for a clear time to slip past them.)  They took a shot at one of our Anisblex jump gates in 1-SMEB last night.  And Legacy has been edging up 4-07MU, our foothold in Catch that guards the route into Queirious and Delve.  So there have been some ops to counter that.

But I have also been going through ships in my hangar.

Since the retreat from the north at the end of the Casino War, fighting has been mostly done as deployments.  Sure, there are home defense form ups all the time in Delve, but those are more bug hunts than stand up fights.  So war has meant deploying for the last four years.

And when I deploy, I tend to take a ship or two on a move op to where and then, once the logistical arm of the coalition catches up, I buy any additional ships or replacements I need there.  When we head back to Delve I fly or ship whatever I have left over home.

I usually come back with more ships than I went out with, so they have started to accumulate in my hangar in our main Keepstar.

With war coming to us, I won’t be taking ships anywhere.  We’ll be forming up and undocking from home.  So I decided to make sure my fits were up to date.

This can be an issue.  I was on an op just last night where I found that the ship I was flying had the fit from April, but we got a new fit in June.  Things change, and I have ships that are years out of date gathering dust.  So it was time to change that.

Not every ship in my hangar part of a doctrine anymore.  But some have hung around long enough to become viable again.  I found a Hurricane from long ago and refit it to the new Mosh Master doctrine fit. (See last week’s Meta Show, starting at about the 49 minute mark, for Asher’s story about the Mosh Master.  Hint: Don’t look at him!)

Hurricane in my hangar

Fortunately the market at our main Keepstar, while not quite Jita, is a pretty decent place to find things.  The trade amounts from the May MER put Delve in fourth place.  Way behind Jita and not even half of Amarr, but close to Dodixie and way ahead of Hek, which is in 6th place.

  1. The Forge (Jita) – 556 trillion
  2. Domain (Amarr) – 49 trillion
  3. Sinq Laison (Dodixie) – 23 trillion
  4. Delve (Goons) – 21 trillion

So I was able to update my fits as I needed.  I even got my Apostle back online with the current fit.  Fortunately most of the changes it needed were relatively inexpensive when it comes to capital modules.

Refit Apostle

I also re-applied to CapSwarm, the capital ship operations group.  When I swapped from TNT to KarmaFleet back in January all of my group affiliations were undone and I had to re-apply to all of them.  I went back to the ones I felt some attachment to, like Reavers and the now defunct Liberty Squad, but didn’t bother with some others that I did not really participate in, including CapSwarm.

But, with was coming to us, I figured it might be a good time to get back onto that.  I was accepted back in and got my alt lined up with the right implants so he is ready to go with that.  My main will stay in sub caps.

There was also a new special operations squad that opened up, basically to do some of the things that Reavers used to do when Asher wasn’t the capo di tutti i capi of the FCs, the Sky Marshall.  Now he no longer has time for that, so the new squad might give some of a chance to do something besides main fleet or caps.

Otherwise, the war seems imminent.  Hostiles are closing in on Delve. Progodlegend is talking about a war of annihilation.  And, as noted above, forces are in motion around our frontiers.  It looks like things might be on come Sunday at 00:00:01 UTC when the NIP expires.

For those wanting a little background on the war, Jin’taan has a post and a video exploring the war from his perspective.

A State of the Goonion is planned for July 4th for the Imperium that will talk further about the war, so we’ll see what news comes with that.