CCP Cancelling EVE San Diego and all Physical Events in 2021

CCP announced this morning that it will be cancelling the EVE Online event that was slated to take place down in San Diego in September.  That event was slated to replace EVE Vegas, a disappointment to some, but the situation is such that the event was unlikely to happen in either location this year.

CCP went further and said that all physical, in person events that they may have had planned for 2021 will also be cancelled.  Instead, the company plans to step up online events in the coming year.

We would also like to share that we will not be hosting any physical CCP events in 2021. Instead, we intend to focus more on delivering you amazing digital experiences that everyone can enjoy from the comfort of their home. We have already increased the amount of unique content on our CCP Twitch channel, and are looking forward to bringing all of our crazy ideas to fruition!

So it goes in the age of pandemic.  This was likely a very sensible move.  Certainly staying the hell away from the US is a good idea, as our president has made ignoring the pandemic and not taking physical precautions a tenet of his re-election campaign, and the number of infections and deaths due to this malfeasance should serve as a warning to all.

3 thoughts on “CCP Cancelling EVE San Diego and all Physical Events in 2021

  1. mikeazariah

    This one hurt, even if it did make a lot of sense. I have enjoyed live events in the past and hope to see them in the future.


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  2. Mailvaltar

    There goes our hope that we might be able to still use this year’s hotel booking in Reykjavik for next year’s fanfest. :-(

    I’d probably done the same though, so, yeah.


  3. Telwyn

    I wonder if more companies will start cancelling 2021 events as well, it seems a long way away now but from a planning perspective not so much I suppose…


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