Planning the Return to XZ-SKZ

There was a ping for Megathrons and, having one still in my hangar, I cleaned it off and rolled out with that fleet, proudly wearing my Quafe SKIN.

Megathrons on the move

There are probably better, and certainly more vibrant SKINs for the Megathron, but the Quafe SKIN is old and rare and special.  It was one of the first good looking SKINs from a time when CCP was making some really bland ones.  So I wear that.

We were headed down to Period Basis, where we set up shop around the brand new TEST ihub in XZ-SKZ, the one that replaced ours earlier, and did our own entosis time.

Now we’re the attackers

We were unopposed, to the extent that the other fleet with us slipped off into TEST space to reinforce a Fortizar.  The later USTZ seems to be our time.

The timer set, we rolled on back home.  We will have to wait until Friday night USTZ to see if we can replace it with an ihub of our own again.

everything takes time

We will have been through the fight over the TCAG-3 ihub by that point.  Still lots to do.

In other Imperium News, it appears that a few names from the past have come back to play.  Word was that on Asher’s fleet they had Grath Telkin and Lazarus Telraven on board.  Their profiles seem to indicate this is so.

Famous Names

You can add them to Elo Knight, who is also out running fleets with us.

It is heating up like a real war.

2 thoughts on “Planning the Return to XZ-SKZ

  1. Winston Archer

    I hope this war turns out to be a war for the ages and not just a bunch of hype. I’ve been playing Eve since 2009 and have never fought with or against Goons so I’m really not emotionally invested like others. That said, however, if what Vily and ProGod say about the Imperium being the reason for the current stagnation in Nullsec (i.e. the BIG blue donut) then a massive war to bring them down a notch isn’t a bad thing. With the nerf on resources now would be a good time for both sides to lose some big ships as Eve is quickly becoming “Titans Online.” Good luck to everyone involved.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Winston Archer – The opening speeches on both sides were pure propaganda, attempts to vilify foes. TEST ending the NIP wasn’t much of a stab in the back and Vily and Progodlegend complaining about a “blue donut” while creating what amounts to a massive blue donut is irony in spades. It is the same thing every war, an attempt to manufacture a just cause out of whole cloth.

    That said, bring on the war. People… usually people not in null sec… like to talk about stagnation the moment anybody in null sec stops for a breather. Maybe they’ll be quiet for a bit.


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