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WoW Classic Instance Limit Changes and Extra Bag Slots

In WoW Classic things seem on track for the start of the Ahn’Qiraj events on July 27th, which I mentioned last week.  This past week saw a couple of smaller changes to the game.

Classic is as classic does

Previously Blizzard announced that they would limit the number of instances an account could enter per realm in a 24 hour period to 30.  This was part of their ongoing war on botting in WoW Classic.

However, in a hot fix patch they changed that from an account wide limit to a per character limit.

The newer limit of 30 instances in a 24-hour period is an extension of the 5 instances per hour limit, which was tracked per-realm since it was first implemented in 2005. The intention behind both of these restrictions is to reduce the profits for new bots when they first come online and haven’t been removed yet. We’ve concluded that a per-character limit will be just as effective, while being less restrictive to legitimate players who have multiple characters on the same realm.

In addition, the previously promised extra bag space for accounts using the Blizzard Authenticator arrived this past week.  If you have that setup your default sixteen slot bag is now a twenty slot bag.  Blizzard explains their reasoning:

We recognize this is a notable change from original WoW. Account security is very important to us, and we want the reward for securing your account to apply to WoW Classic, as it has applied to World of Warcraft for many years.

While this is a variation from vanilla WoW, I am happy enough to have four more bag slots.  It doesn’t change the overall experience but it does make my hunter a little bit happier.

now 20 slots

This didn’t mean much when it his retail WoW, as I have had access to pretty much unlimited 30-slot bags since Warlords of Draenor.  But when you are down a bag due to having a quiver or ammo pouch and you still remember that ONE time you got a 16-slot bag drop back in vanilla, those four slots make life a little bit better.