The August Update Brings Armor Plating Energized Tiericide to EVE Online

The August update sees another round of module tiericide arriving in New Eden.  This time armor plating and membranes are getting a rework.

That translates to August 2020

For this update, the following naming schemes are being put in place.  For the overall group:

  • Armor Plating Energized is now Energized Armor Membrane

Layered Membranes Market Group name change:

  • Energized Armor Layering is now Layered Energized Membranes

Layered Membranes Module naming scheme:

  • Energized Armor Layering Membrane I is now Layered Energized Membrane I

Resistance Membranes Market Group name changes:

  • Energized Plating is now Energized Armor Resistance Membranes (parent Market Group)
  • Energized Adaptive Plating is now Multispectrum Energized Membranes
  • Energized EM Plating is now EM Energized Membranes
  • Energized Explosive Plating is now Explosive Energized Membranes
  • Energized Kinetic Plating is now Kinetic Energized Membranes
  • Energized Thermal Plating is nowThermal Energized Membranes

Resistance Membranes Module naming scheme:

  • Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I is now Multispectrum Energized Membrane I
  • Energized EM Membrane I is now EM Energized Membrane I
  • Energized Explosive Membrane I is now Explosive Energized Membrane I
  • Energized Kinetic Membrane I is now Kinetic Energized Membrane I
  • Energized Thermal Membrane I is now Thermal Energized Membrane I

In addition, the following naming changes have been made:

  • Prototype modules have been renamed to Compact.
  • Basic modules are collectors items that do not appear in game for some time. All have been marked as special Storyline ‘Basic’ modules.

The Storyline meta group was missing EM and Explosive resistance modules. Two new modules were added to the game:

  • ‘Pickpocket’ EM Energized Membrane
  • ‘Bribe’ Explosive Energized Membrane

Two obsolete modules have been removed from the game:

  • Shaqil’s Modified Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
  • Shaqil’s Modified Energized Thermal Membrane

And, as it goes with tiericide, all of the modules have been realigned so that their attributes conform to a standard pattern.  The list of changes is very long.

Aside from that, the patch notes have only a few minor fixes or updates.  One that stands out to me is:

  • Allow players to create multiple contracts for assembled ships at a time.

That will probably make life a bit easier for those supplying staging points in support of wars and such.  Anything that makes the supply line a bit easier to maintain is probably good.

Oh, and if you’re doing the invasion event and playing for the Triglavian team, you might want to be aware of this change:

  • EDENCOM NPCs will now be hostile to players which have any negative standing with them

EDENCOM is no longer looking the other way traitors!

Downtime appears to be over and the update deployed.  Now to get the Pyfa update and revise any armor tank fits you have in text, since tiericide and renaming almost always means you need to fix something.  The patch notes with all the gory details are available here.

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