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Ten Weeks of World War Bee

Here we are at the ten week mark and the war carries on.

On the Imperium side, the news of the week was probably the sounding of the Horn of Goondor, the email out to all of the lapsed members of the coalition top tell them that was is upon us and now is the time to come back and join the war.  The text of the email was posted over at INN because it isn’t something you keep secret if you want it to work.  I’m just surprised I haven’t seen the Goondor Calling video linked yet… so I guess I’ll link it.

There were a few immediate responses, like Mynnna donating a couple trillion ISK in cash and goods to the cause.  Of course, since the email went far and wide, those attacking us have declared that the Imperium is now desperate, on its last legs, or whatever.  Maybe they’ll attack Delve now.  Because the real risk of sounding the horn is that the attackers will continue to dither and people who came back for a war won’t get one.

Another items that has been discussed as part of the war is the Tranquility Trading Tower, part of the Tranquility Trading Consortium, a joint enterprise involving the Imperium, Legacy, and Pandemic Horde, who all get a cut of the profits, a total said to run north of a trillion ISK each month.

TTC Alliance Info… join their Discord server!

People have been wondering whether that deal will get broken, as both sides staying in business together seems more than a bit hypocritical given some of the rhetoric being tossed about.

However, all sides like ISK and nobody seems to want to interrupt the flow right now.

But some people like ISK more than others.  While the Imperium distributes the proceeds from the TTC agreement across alliances based on the number of members they have, word leaked that when it comes to Legacy coalition TEST keeps all of the proceeds.  When The Mittani brought this up on the Meta Show on Saturday, Vily explained in the chat that this covers the value that the other alliances in the coalition receive for being a member.  So there you have it.  Vily graciously uses the TTC  revenues to pay the membership dues of other members of Legacy coalition, to TEST.  Memes quickly followed.

So much for trivia from the field.

Northern Front

Fountain isn’t much of a front anymore.

With PandaFam moving out of Fountain, The Initiative took it upon themselves to reinforce every ihub in the region, even those in the metaliminal storm systems.  Then they won the timers and even started planting their own ihubs back in the region again.

Fountain ihub owership – Sept 13, 2020

They have also been doing the TCUs as well, so the whole region will soon look like it once did, at least on DOTLAN.

Of course, that isn’t going to replace all the structures that were lost, which by one count, tallied up to:

6 Keepstars
7 Sotiyos
15 Faction Forts
41 Fortizars
32 Tataras
14 Azbels
263 Athanors
18 Astras
41 Raitarus
25 Jump Gates
38 Cyno Beacons
108 TCUs
108 IHUBs

The is a lot of losses.  But INIT has also been out shooting the structures left behind by PandaFam, which have mostly been left to die.  They did make an exception for the Fortizar in I-CUVX, which they rushed back to save.  No doubt they have a lot of stuff still left to be moved there, and having a bunch of stuff go into asset safety would be a bit of a blow.

Southern Front

Having left Fountain, PandaFam has taken up position to begin attacking through Querious.  They now have a staging Fortizar in Kaira, in the Khanid region, to act as their base.

I went over to take a peek

After weeks where Legacy made a big show, holding as many as 56 ihubs at one point, then losing almost all of them, PandaFam’s arrival has given them some backbone and the attackers are actually attacking in Querious again.  As of this writing, the attackers hold 51 of the ihubs in the region, though several are in play right this moment.

Skirmishes over ihubs are happening all over the eastern half of the region, often over systems that have traded hands multiple times at this point.  Both sides have racked up losses and kills over the week, leading Imperium FC John Hartley to post this picture of the expected arc of Jackdaw pricing.

The market looks bullish

PandaFam, however, has been more focused, driving along the series of systems that lead to NPC Delve.

Querious – Sep 13, 2020

NPC Delve, a cluster of 11 systems owned by the Blood Raiders NPC faction, each of which has an NPC station.  NPC Delve is one of the traditional invasion points, as you can dock up in an unassailable NPC station as a base.  The stations can also hold carriers and dreadnoughts and from 1DH-SX capitals are in jump range of most of Delve.  If they can get into that system and setup a Fortizar for tethering, or a Keepstar for docking, supers and titans can range across much of the region as well.

Systems with titan range of 1DH-SX

That still keeps them just out of super and titan range of our main staging in 1DQ1-A and all the Keepstars and Fortizars that I drew circles around last week.  They will have to get a foothold further into the region for that.

Meanwhile, getting a Fortizar or Keepstar set up in 1DH-SX is easier said that done.  Any attempt would no doubt lead to both sides swarming on the system.  And, while NPC Delve is known as an invasion route into the region, it has also been witness to ignominious defeats, with groups being camped into stations by fleets running from downtime to downtime.  I’ve been on some of those ops before.

319 Station, where Nulli Secunda was camped back in 2012

Still, with the likely invasion vector being set, the Imperium spent some time over the weekend consolidating its capital force, which had previously been scattered across four different staging locations.

Everybody landing at the new staging Keepstar

The war now seems to be headed towards a possible clash of titans as both sides get in position.  If the invaders come into NPC Delve a host of our capitals, supers, and titans are in range.

My Participation

I went on a few ops, though not so many as I would have liked.  A lot of the war has been taking place in Euro time, with things tapering off as the day rolls into my own prime time on the US west coast.  Still, I did get one kill mail when we shot yet another POS tower that the hostiles dropped.  This one was in 1DH-SX, which makes sense given the path the war has been taking.

Shooting another POS tower

I was also in a big fight yesterday, in both the Muninn fleet and driving my Apostle in the capital fleet.

My Scimi out in the fight

The caps were there to counter dread the hostiles were threatening to drop on the subcaps.  Along the way my Scimi got primaried off the field, so that is one more loss to add to my war total so far.

  • Ares interceptor – 9
  • Atron entosis frigate – 5
  • Drake entosis battle cruiser – 3
  • Guardian logi – 2
  • Malediction interceptor – 2
  • Scalpel logi frigate – 2
  • Ferox battle cruiser – 2
  • Scimitar logi – 1
  • Bifrost entosis command destroyer – 1
  • Cormorant destroyer – 1
  • Purifier stealth bomber – 1
  • Hurricane battle cruiser – 1
  • Sigil entosis industrial – 1

Coming Up

I suspect that the fighting will continue to be focused on Querious, with perhaps an attempt to setup a staging point within titan bridge range of NPC Delve.  At least a Fortizar would need to be anchored for that.  One set up in GOP-GE would give the attackers the ability to cover their route into Delve and set them up to project force in order to move into NPC Delve.

How quickly that will come to pass remains to be seen.  PandaFam, deployed far from home, seems to be focused on getting stuff done while TEST and their Legacy allies, who all still live at home… in game at least… seem in less of a hurry.  Vily has been talking about getting to 1DQ1-A by February, which would require keeping the war going for a full seven months.  We will see if things take that long, or if those deployed from the east have the stamina to keep going that long.