Daily Archives: October 4, 2020

EVE Online Blazes a New Trail with UI Only Mode

Proving once again that EVE Online is different from most MMORPG’s, CCP announced on the forums on Friday that they had put a new “UI Only” mode option on the test server.

Just to be clear, what this option does is allow players to turn off the 3D rendered EVE Online universe and operate with just the UI elements.  This is the opposite of the “hide UI” option that any game worth its salt has.

You get the overview and chat channels and inventory and controls and brackets and pretty much everything except the pretty view of space and all the ships that occupy it.  You get to be under the hood, go instruments only, fly the overview.

Instead of this:

Space and structures in the view

You get this:

Keep your pretty pictures, I just want the data

I cannot think of another MMORPG where this would not only be a viable feature, but kind of a big deal.  I know people who are stoked for this feature to come into the game.

Because, when you’re in one of those grinding null sec battles with thousands of objects on grid with you and you turn on the in-game system monitor and see how much RAM the client is gobbling up and how hard you are pushing your GPU, having the option to let go of a significant amount of processing the client need to do can be a big win, especially if you’re in with multiple clients.

This will be a boon when it gets pushed to the live client.

Of course, it won’t do anything to help with the underlying problem of the servers struggling to handle those big fights with thousands of objects on grid.  Time dilation will still suck and the server will eventually get way behind, stop responding, or just fall over if too many people land on it.  But your GPU won’t be melting as well, and your system will have resources to keep streaming Netflix or play the other game you have going while you wait for your doomsday to cycle.

Control-shift-F9 will be your new friend.

(Unless you’re like me and out there to take screen shots.)

WoW Classic with Fall Conquest and AQ War Supply Completion

While most of the news out of Blizzard lately has been focused on the now delayed Shadowlands expansion, there were still a couple of items that have come up around WoW Classic of late.

Classic is as classic does

The first has to do with the AQ war supply effort and unlock of the raids.  Any realm that has not finished the war supply event will find that it is automatically completed come Tuesday:

On Tuesday, October 6, all WoW Classic realms that have not completed their AQ War Supply turn-ins will see them autocomplete to 100%.

Immediately thereafter, the supply delivery period will begin on each realm.

We look forward to seeing you in Silithus!

Realms that were struggling to get there will now be able to advance.  Word is that there was only on US realm in that state and a couple more in the EU, so this won’t be a boost across many servers.  Still, the event unlocked back in late July, so you do have to wonder what those realms were up to.

Then there is the WoW Classic Fall Conquest event, a 15v15 Arathi Basin tournament that will be streamed by Blizzard.  The EU tournament started yesterday… sorry Euros if you’re reading about it here for the first time… but the US tournament doesn’t pick up until next weekend.  The schedule is posted if you want to watch, and if you want to compete you have until Thursday to register a team.  There is a $6,000 prize pool that will be split between the top teams in each region.