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Some Quiet Mining

With the announcement of the mining redistribution plan… mineral starvation round two… and the subsequent spike in mineral and ore prices, a bunch of people have been rediscovering asteroid mining.  At some point this month CCP will release the update and resource gathering will change, radically in some ways, as asteroid yields are adjusted and minerals are allocated to specific regions of space.  Each region will get its own exclusives, which will be:

  • Hisec – Tritanium
  • Lowsec – Isogen and Nocxium (sort of, see below)
  • Nullsec – Zydrine, Megacyte, and Morphite
  • Wormholes – nothing

If you want tritanium you will need to mine in high sec space and so on.  Sort of.

There are also explicit mineral exclusions per region, which are planned to be:

  • Hisec – No Isogen, Nocxium, Zydrine, Megacyte, and Morphite
  • Lowsec – No Tritanium, Zydrine, Megacyte, and Morphite
  • Nullsec – No Tritanium and Nocxium (except in anomalies)
  • Wormholes – No Tritanium, Nocxium, and Morphite

Much has been said about this plan, and I’ll supply some links at the end of the post if that interests you.  But this post is more about the immediate response to the plan, which has been “quick, go mine some of this stuff before it is all gone!”

I got out an alt I had not used in quite a while that had a Procurer mining barge set to go in Amarr and set to mining in high sec.

Out in the belts again

It has been a long time since I mine in high sec.  There was a whole segment of my EVE Online career training up mining, starting in an Osprey and eventually graduating the the Hulk, the apex exhumer of its time.

My Hulk back in late 2007

I set out and found a system not too far from Amarr with an Athanor setup for public use, so I could reprocess ore cheaply, and had a security rating that meant some decent asteroids to choose from.

I initially set out to just scoop veldspar, but then figured that tritanium would still be the high sec thing after the change.  So I set my sites on pyroxeres, an ore that contains a bit of nocxium, the soon to be exclusive to low sec mineral that seems to have more people worried than any other element.  The price of that more that doubled when the dev blog came out and, even though it has settled down some, it remains pricier than before.  I figured laying in a supply of that might be a hedge against the future.  We shall see.

Locked on to some rocks

I had forgotten how peaceful mining in high sec can be.  You just have to keep an eye on your mining lasers to make sure they are still cycling on something and that your ore hold hasn’t filled up yet.  It is quite conducive to listing to a podcast or an audio book or writing a blog post or editing screen shots.  The wide screen monitor I am working with right now makes it all the easier as I can have something else up front while the game client pokes out to the side revealing enough information at a glace to know what is going on.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I didn’t do much in the war last week.  I spent some of the time sitting around mining instead.

Of course, I am not alone out there.  The annoying NPC miners show up in my belt every so often and start stealing the ore I wanted to mine.  But you can’t do much about them.  Another fine CCP feature.

And then there are the bots.  I see them every day.  Some days they are doing better than others.  My first day out they seemed to be having a problem as they all clumped up on the Raitaru where they seemed to live.

High sec mining bots tripping over each other to get to the belts

They are mostly annoying because they go mine for a bit, picking at this rock then that, after which they warp off, unload, and land on another belt, leaving a bunch of half chewed rocks in their wake.  That can be a pisser.  I should probably take off a bit of the tank on the Procurer… I have it fit to mine in null sec… and put an ore scanner on it.

But it has been kind of nice doing a bit of mining again.  It will never be a serious vocation for me again, but a bit of ore is okay now and then.

As for posts about the Resource Distribution plan, here you go: