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Waiting in Niarja as the Gates Flicker

When the Triglavian invasion successfully conquered its 27th system, messages from the collective were interpreted by the community as meaning that the invasion stage was done and something else would be happening.  The 27 systems that reached final liminality, listed here with all of the systems that were in play, might be facing some other hazard.

The most notable system on the list for me is Niarja for a couple of reasons.  First, Niarja’s fall back in late August put a gap in the trade route between Amarr and Jita that will affect commerce in New Eden.  Second, the system briefly became a focal point in World War Bee.  Brave declared the system to be of strategic importance to supply lines, which got the Imperium to rush in and side with the Triglavians.  TEST then declared for EDENCOM, said they would fight the Imperium, did nothing as the system fell to the Triglavians, then showed up after the fact to camp the system and shoot random passers by for easy kills for about a week.  Anything to avoid Delve for a little while longer I guess.

Anyway, EDENCOM put out a notice to evacuate the 27 systems as the stars within them began undergoing some sort of transition.  I put an alt into Niarja to keep an eye on the star there and have been watching and waiting for something to happen.

The star in Niarja, with a Triglavian conduit in the foreground

My patience after a couple of days of this was starting to wane as I waited for something to happen.

Situation in meme form

This morning CCP released a new video from The Scope about the Triglavian crisis.


The implication from the video is that whatever the Triglavians are up to in these 27 systems is affecting the entire gate network of the New Eden cluster and that EDENCOM or CONCORD or whoever may need to shut down the gates connecting those systems in the next 3-4 days in order to prevent a cluster-wide collapse.

At that point the shape of travel in New Eden will change even more drastically.  Niarja was a danger when it effectively became a null sec system on the main trade route, but the quick and the clever could still slip through in blockade runners to deliver high value cargo quickly.  With the gates turned off, it will mean the long way around Niarja, and the other 26 systems, for everybody.

We are supposed to get a status briefing tomorrow at 18:00 UTC.  We shall see if that illuminates the situation further.

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