Another PAPI Keepstar Destroyed in Delve

I woke up this morning to find that PAPI, the Snek Coalition, had finally decided to go for it again and dropped another Keepstar in NPC Delve.  This time they chose 319-3D as their target system.

This was apparently a flash drop in an attempt to take us unawares as PAPI did not stand up their own forces until the Keepstar was deployed.  That meant our early response was able to put down damage immediately on arriving without an organized resistance ready, so the first 40% of the structure was knocked down with very little in the way of time dilation in play.

By the time I got online and into the fight, the Keepstar structure was already at 42% with the timer paused at seven and a half minutes.

The timer held at 7:28

As with the Keepstar fights on Monday and Tuesday of last week, the Imperium organized fleets and concentrated on shooting the structure, ignoring the hostile ships on grid.  I was able to get into one of the support fleets that helped keep the enemy distracted while the battleships and dreadnoughts did the heavy lifting to kill the Keepstar.

Imperium dreads lined up to warp to the fight

I kept busy and got to watch for the final three hours of the five hour flight.

On grid at the fight

This fight wasn’t going to break any records, unlike the fight in FWST-8 on Tuesday, but there were still between 4,400 and 4,600 people in local for most of the time.

A count mid fight, tidi in full

There wasn’t much in the way of drama when it came to the fight.  Having done this twice already, and having had time to refine tactics and resupply, we never had a moment where the timer started counting down again or really any doubt that the structure would be destroyed.  The enemy stayed on grid to harvest kill mails, but could not stop us from winning the objective.  This did not make the enemy as happy as you might think.

Redline XIII comments in Twitch chat on INN

With the conclusion forgone, it was just a matter of time before the structure was destroyed and the battle over.

Early battle reports show that, while the ISK was heavily favored the defenders, killing this Keepstar cost the Imperium about half of what the fight on Tuesday cost.

Battle Report Header – Updated Version

[Edit: battle report header image updated as more kills have come in. Original here.]

There was, again, no kill mail for the Keepstar, so you can once again add 187 billion ISK to the PAPI side of the chart.

The server seemed stable for the most part, though at one point there was a combined bombing run that made everything stop and chug along for a bit, before resuming the slow pace of 10% tidi.

This time around it looks like CCP left the bounty payments system running.  I saw calls related to that throughout the fight.

Bounty calls piling up

CCP did say that they might leave those calls on for a fight to see how much they change server load compared to when they turned them off for Tuesday’s fight.

At the end of the fight the Imperium may have lost a lot more ships, but we once again left a Keepstar wreck in our wake.

Keepstar wreck on grid

Now we wait to see what the enemy does next.  Will they drop another Keepstar before Tuesday’s patch?  Monday is technically a holiday in the US, though not a widely observed one (Columbus Day), so some people will be off and ready to scrap.


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