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LOTRO War of Three Peaks Launches Today

The Standing Stone Games experiment to see if they can get somebody to pay $99 for a mini-expansion begins today.

That is $33 a peak

Okay, you don’t HAVE to pay $99.  There are three price levels.  But you COULD pay $99 if you really wanted to.  The problem is that SSG has been pretty slow explaining WHY you would want to pay $99.

Weeks ago they announced that this adventure pack would be made available at three price levels:

  • Normal Edition – $20
  • Collector’s Edition – $59
  • Ultimate Edition – $99

However, they have since been quiet… and deliberately so… about what you would get for your hundred bucks.  There were hints that it involved boar mounts, but they simply were not going to tell us what was in the box until it was available for sale.  This has not filled people with confidence.

But today is the day.  The Update 28 Patch Notes say so.  And now their expansions purchase page has the big reveal, and even includes a comparison chart to let you know what you get.

A peek at the Three Peaks loot

They  list out the key features as:

  • Elderslade: Missions
  • New Six Person Instance: Shakalush, the Stair Battle
  • New Raid: Amdân Dammul, the Bloody Threshold
  • Exciting Bonus Items in Collector’s and Ultimate Fan Editions!

And you get the first three with the $20 option, so the more expensive options are just the fluff.

But that is always the way.  You cannot sell much more with special editions without breaking balance or making people feel obligated to pay for the more expensive option.

They tried it before

So the question is whether or not you’re into all the extras.  Some people will be.  I’ve gone in on a few extra cost packages in my time.  But for my current commitment to LOTRO… which is essentially nil right now… I will probably wait until they make it available on the in-game store for LOTRO Points.

Addendum: Did I say game update or quest pack or mini-expansion?  SSG says it is just an expansion.

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Into the Level Squished World of Warcraft

It was busy in EVE Online last week, but I still found a bit of time to poke my nose into World of Warcraft to see what the Shadowlands pre-patch and the big level squish did to us.

In preparation I made sure, the night before the patch, to list out all of my characters with their current level and how much xp they had on their bar to see how things changed.  That wasn’t because I expected Blizz to mess things up.  And my characters all aligned with the chart I borrowed from WoW Head for my previous post.  But still, if you don’t record something you can’t tell how much things changes.  So my Eldre’Thalas characters fell out like this:

  • Vikund – 120 – 50
  • Tistann – 120 – 50
  • Alioto -120 – 50
  • Tokarev – 116 10% – 48 53%
  • Hurmoo – 112 36% – 46 100%
  • Makarov -112 25% – 46 100%
  • Maloney – 111 26% – 45 100%
  • Makawao – 66 1% – 26 3%
  • Garnatz – 62 48% – 25 100%
  • Blintz – 48 46% – 21 100%
  • Honecker – 42 9% – 18 44%
  • Hruga – 33 5% – 14 22%

I had three characters at level cap and they ended up at 50 as expected.  And my level 116 mapped right into level 48 with a half a level of xp in his bar, which I guess was about right.  But then a few of the other ones ended up with their xp bar filled up to 100% so that they were effectively one level higher than I expected.

I am not complaining.  I’ll take the level.  I said I was likely to regret squandering the double xp that Blizzard had been offering on retail WoW for months, but a couple of free levels helped mitigate that I suppose.

Also, the level curve in the new 20-50 world is pretty easy.  I have already pushed Tokarev from half way into level 48 to level 50 just by doing some battle pets matches.  (The first week of the squish was also a 200% xp week for battle pets, so I went in and leveled some up.)

I feel like I’ve been here before

I was, however, a bit surprised at the shape of the leveling world post-squish.  For ages I have had this chart in my mind.

The promised shape of the leveling experience

And, since I have been following my usual policy of only watching the high level news about the upcoming expansion so as not to spoil anything, I let my brain draw its own picture of how I expected things to be.  Basically, that chart viewed as a series of parallel vertical paths into Shadowlands.

My vision in Excel format

However, when I got into the game with my first character with 100% xp and figured I would just go kill a mob close by to get the level, I found gray mobs where I happened to be, which was in the Warlords of Draenor content.  (Say what you will about garrisons, I do still hang out in them, largely to make 30-slot bags and do pet battle stuff.)

I then discovered that there still existed a way from the starter areas up to the level cap that ran through the old expansions in something akin to the old way.  Each expansion had a new level range, with a cap on it.

The horizontal stack with level caps on each expansion

That seemed like a ticket to a somewhat unsatisfying ride to 50.  With everything squished down and the xp curve juiced up, it meant that players on that route were very likely to out-level the content before they finished it, a problem the game already suffered from in its level 120 cap form.

Also, I was a bit confused as to how to get to the world I was promised, the realm of parallel paths to the level cap.  Fortunately, somebody quickly mentioned Chromie and I remembered that this was all revolving around her and the time stream in order to explain it in the lore.  So I ran over to the Stormwind Embassy area in Stormwind and found her.  There is a little hourglass on the map that shows you where she is.

Where to get Chromie timed

There, if you are eligible… more on that in another post… she will let you slide into whichever time line you want, so long as it is one of the six she has to offer currently.

The six paths

There is plenty of room on that selection screen to put Shadowlands when they squish that before the next expansion.

I was confused for a moment as to where Battle for Azeroth and the Kalimdor & Eastern Kingdoms content was hiding.  But BFA is on by default, it already scales up to level 50 without visiting Chromie.  Meanwhile, I realized that the content on the old continents was wrapped up into Cataclysm, since that was the point when they changed and updated all of it.  The Cataclysm zones are not off on their own island like Northrend, but blended into the old locations.

So there it is.  And as I even think I figured out why Blizz would bother keeping the old style form of the world with all the expansions stacked in horizontal bands.

So long as the content is stacked that way, players retain the ability to go run old instances and raids solo for transmog gear and pet drops and the like.  That is a surprisingly critical item so far as the community is concerned.

Next up will be my venture into the new starting area, Exile’s Reach.