LOTRO War of Three Peaks Launches Today

The Standing Stone Games experiment to see if they can get somebody to pay $99 for a mini-expansion begins today.

That is $33 a peak

Okay, you don’t HAVE to pay $99.  There are three price levels.  But you COULD pay $99 if you really wanted to.  The problem is that SSG has been pretty slow explaining WHY you would want to pay $99.

Weeks ago they announced that this adventure pack would be made available at three price levels:

  • Normal Edition – $20
  • Collector’s Edition – $59
  • Ultimate Edition – $99

However, they have since been quiet… and deliberately so… about what you would get for your hundred bucks.  There were hints that it involved boar mounts, but they simply were not going to tell us what was in the box until it was available for sale.  This has not filled people with confidence.

But today is the day.  The Update 28 Patch Notes say so.  And now their expansions purchase page has the big reveal, and even includes a comparison chart to let you know what you get.

A peek at the Three Peaks loot

They  list out the key features as:

  • Elderslade: Missions
  • New Six Person Instance: Shakalush, the Stair Battle
  • New Raid: Amdân Dammul, the Bloody Threshold
  • Exciting Bonus Items in Collector’s and Ultimate Fan Editions!

And you get the first three with the $20 option, so the more expensive options are just the fluff.

But that is always the way.  You cannot sell much more with special editions without breaking balance or making people feel obligated to pay for the more expensive option.

They tried it before

So the question is whether or not you’re into all the extras.  Some people will be.  I’ve gone in on a few extra cost packages in my time.  But for my current commitment to LOTRO… which is essentially nil right now… I will probably wait until they make it available on the in-game store for LOTRO Points.

Addendum: Did I say game update or quest pack or mini-expansion?  SSG says it is just an expansion.

Others on this launch:

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