The Howling Interdictors Update comes to EVE Online

Last year Team Talos brought us the Howling Interceptors update around Halloween.  This year we get Howling Interdictors.

Howling for you

Interdictors are a popular ship in null sec, deploying as they do the warp disruption probes with generate a 20km diameter radius warp disruption sphere or bubble.   Bubbles are generally a part of any null sec fight as they can keep a hostile fleet from warping off, keeping them from getting away allowing you to shoot them.  Or sometimes you’re in the bubble.  Either way, they are not an option in empire space.

Bubble, bubbles everywhere

The big change is the addition of a new type of probe that can be used by interdictors, the web stasis probe.

Stasis webification probe

Like the modules of the same name, the stasis webification probe will reduce the maximum velocity of any ships within its sphere.  That sphere is half the size of a warp disruption probe, only 10km in diameter radius, and it has a short warm up duration.

Now to see how it will get used.  I know at least one capsuleer who has wanted this sort of probe, and I guess it might be used as a counter to “kitey bullshit” and other “trash tier tactics,” but we will have to wait an see.

In addition, three of the four interdictor hulls received updates.

The Sabre was passed over, being null sec’s default interdictor.  I know FCs who just call for Sabres rather than interdictors, since that is what you get most of the time anyway.

The Sabre is even endorsed by Permaband

The Eris, a rare sight on the field, received the most changes, most in an effort to make it a bit more nimble.

  • CPU increased to 250 tf (was 210)
  • Power Grid increased to 71 MW (was 64)
  • Max velocity to 316 m/s (was 305)
  • Signature radius to 78 m (was 85)
  • Mass reduced to 1,100,000 t (was 1,200,000)
  • Gallente Destroyer bonus changed to “5% bonus to small hybrid turret rate of fire per level” (was 10% bonus to small hybrid turret optimal range)
  • Interdictor bonus changed to “15% reduced mass penalty from armor plates per level” (was 5% bonus to small hybrid turret rate of fire)

The Flycatcher, which you do see out now and again, got a little more CPU and a little more tank, but stays with its damage bonus locked to kinetic.

  • CPU increased to 290 tf (was 280)
  • Caldari Destroyer bonus changes to “10% bonus to missile kinetic damage” (was 10% bonus to missile explosion radius)
  • Interdictors bonus changed to “10% increased shield HP per level” (was 10% bonus to missile kinetic damage)

And the Heretic, which can be a feature on armor fleets, though you still get Sabres because Sabres, got a little more CPU, Power Grid, and tank.

  • CPU increased to 270 tf (was 240)
  • PG increased to 70 MW (was 60)
  • Amarr Destroyer bonus changed to “10% increased armor HP per level” (was 10% bonus to light missile and rocket max velocity)

In addition to all of that combat interceptors, which were part of the Howling Interceptors changes, were revisited againthis year, getting a 100% boost to the effects of overheating on afterbruners and microwarp drives.  They will go very fast.  CCP is even holding a contest to see how fast people can make them go.

Also along for the ride with this patch are some fixes to improve the viability of the new Triglavian region in New Eden:

  • Significantly increased the Standings values gained from killing NPCs related to Triglavian Space
  • Corrected Standings incorrectly gained from Rogue Drone content unrelated to Triglavian Space
  • Reworked the Triglavian Wormhole site distribution rules
  • It is now possible to warp to 0 in Triglavian Wormhole sites
  • Increased the time between NPC spawns around Triglavian wormholes
  • Increased the drop availability and variety of Triglavian Space Filaments

There are a few other small fixes, but that is the primary content of today’s update.  They have all been appended to the October patch notes.


5 thoughts on “The Howling Interdictors Update comes to EVE Online

  1. flosch

    “Caldari Destroyer bonus changes to “10% bonus to missile kinetic damage” (was 10% bonus to missile explosion radius)
    Interdictors bonus changed to “10% increased shield HP per level” (was 10% bonus to missile kinetic damage)”

    Wait… what? I feel like there would have been an easier way to put it, but EVE being true to form! I wonder what the benefit was of moving one bonus around like that.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Flosch – Yeah… I was thinking maybe only one was per level trained, but they both are so perhaps the flip meant something, but no, they are both per level trained. I guess it just looks nicer to have the two missile bonuses (the Flycatcher also gets a max velocity boost per level) grouped together.


  3. Mailvaltar

    I might be mistaken, but I believe the ‘AOE Range’ stat of those bubbles means radius, not diameter.

    I always was under the impression that a normal dictor bubble can cover a gate’s whole sphere of jumped-in ships, as long as it’s not a regional…or can’t it?


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Mailvaltar – That is typical of CCP and how they communicate information. Rather than using commonly understood terms like “radius” and “diameter” they went with “AOE Range” with an icon that features a line with an arrow at both ends. I actually wrote “radius” first, but that line with the arrows made me doubt as it seemed to indicate edge to edge of the bubble. Center to edge would be a line with an arrow at one end… in my brain at least. And I don’t really know. My interactions with interdictors tends to be “Shoot the Sabre,” “Burn out of the bubble,” and “Why did you bubble us?”

    So I’ll settle for having communicated that web stasis bubbles are smaller than warp disruption bubbles.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Mailvaltar

    @Wilhelm – Yeah, it’s pretty misleading. They seem to think their double-arrowed line indicates the distance between the probe itself and the outer border of its effect. Or maybe not, who knows what they think.

    But musing about it some more, going by experience I’m pretty sure they always mean radius, just like the 6 km “range” of a command destroyer’s MJD means that as long as you’re closer than 6 km to the ship you’ll get booshed along.


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