Sunday WoW Items Before Shadowlands

We’re into November, and a bunch of stuff is coming up in World of Warcraft, not the least being the Shadowlands expansion.  But that is out on the 23rd, and a few things are in between then and now.

The November 1 calendar entries

Darkmoon Faire

It is the start of the last Darkmoon Faire before the expansion, and the first one since the big level squish.  You can get a final five points in any of your Kul Tiran or Zandalarian professions before Shadowlands profession updates arrive.  My main is just 3 points shy of finishing engineering, so I’ll be in there with him.  You have until Saturday night to get that done.

I’m also going to see if I can figure out the deal with heirloom gear.  Most of mine seems to be useful only through level 34 now, which isn’t so useful in a 10-50 alt leveling context.

Day of the Dead

It is also your chance to run the Day of the Dead event.  Get on this right away though, as it is a single day event.

Anniversary Event

World of Warcraft turns 16 this year, and the anniversary of the initial launch coincides with the launch date for Shadowlands.  I guess they did not want the two events interfering with each other or confusing anybody, so the anniversary event starts today and ends on November 22nd.  The 23rd is reserved for Shadowlands.

End Date

The event itself is a modest example of the genre.  You get a package in your mail box with some time warped tokens, a quest starter for a time walking event, a firework, and the usual xp boost token.

16 years means 16% boost

I am going to guess that Blizz doesn’t want to go into Shadowlands while giving people an xp boost.  They’ll save that for later.

The Headless Horseman’s Mount

Once again I queued up for the Headless Horseman.  I was half-hearted when Hallow’s End started, but was motivated by Belghast’s post about going all out for it.  Having done an audit of all of my characters, I knew that I had 18 characters who were level 20 or higher after the squish, the minimum level to run the Headless Horseman’s instance.

The first couple of the days I just ran with the dozen eligible characters on the paired servers, Eldre’Thalas and Korialstrasz, that I think of as home.  At the end though I dug out some old characters, spec’d them up, and ran with anybody I could get in the queue.

But, after the final run this morning as the event wound down, I found myself once again without the mount.

Not mine

Lots of masks, a lot of candy, a few rings, one sword, but no mounts.

On the bright side, I didn’t do horribly with the rando alts.  I’d probably go back and spec a couple of them to tank specs just to shorten the wait in the queue, but I didn’t do too bad.  I only had one bad group along the way, which wiped on the event three times before I bailed.  I was tanking that one with a level 50 pally and was putting out more DPS than the rest of the group combined.

Next year in Scarlet Monastery I guess.

8 thoughts on “Sunday WoW Items Before Shadowlands

  1. Pallais

    The Day of the Dead is actually two days by the in-game calendar. Go figure.

    As for the Heirlooms, it sounds like you haven’t bought the upgrade items for them. Most of the heirlooms need to be upgraded three more steps to be usable all the way to level 50. It will say on the tooltip what the upgrade level is. For most, heirloom level 1 goes through level 34, heirloom level 2 goes through heirloom level 39, level 3 goes through level 44, and heirloom level 4 takes you all the way to level 49. I guess Blizzard wants everyone to get normal gear at 50 and up. (A few oddball items only have two upgrade steps, such as the Legion archaeology spear or the trinket from the Draenor garrison. They seem to go up to level 39, 44, and 49. There are a few weirder ones, but those most folks don’t have.)


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Pallais – It is just that the level squish made the upgrade situation odd. Having heirloom items that went up to 90 in a game of 120 levels made some sense, but level 34 in a 10-50 game where you stay in the same content just seems like an odd compromise. There is nothing particularly magical about level 34, it isn’t a transition point where you’re moving off to new content. It is just a hard stop in the middle of what you were doing.

    I have enough DFM tokens to probably upgrade some key ones, but it just seemed strange.

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  3. Pallais

    (I wish there was an edit button to add to my original post…)

    Oh, if you are going for the HH mount next year, you only need to run it on characters that get the purple daily loot bag. Low level characters can’t get the mount. :/

    And a shout-out to Korialstrasz, my original server. I was there up to early Wrath when I moved off after serveral guilds melted down.


  4. Redbeard

    And, of course, Naxx drops in Classic on November 3rd, two days after the Scourge Invasion event.

    To say that this timing is causing a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth is a bit of an understatement. If you’re one of the top guilds on a server and AQ40 has been on farm since the first week, then great. But if you’re like everybody else, and to be honest there’s still quite a few people/guilds who haven’t finished AQ40 yet, this sucks.

    Or, as a couple of my raiders put it, I guess Blizz doesn’t think people in Classic play Retail too.

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  5. Pallais

    @Wilhelm Arcturus Yeah, it is weird. I think much of the squish was done mechanically so that’s why we see the odd numbers. It would have been better to just make all the heirlooms go to 49 automatically and then add the upgrades back in a later expansion. Or just make it more human by having heirloom upgrades be at levels 35, 40, 45, and 50. Hmm, thinking about it, I can see them having the upgrades at every 5 levels. That explains the 34, 39, etc. cadence. That’s Blizzard these days: doing something wacky that’s logical as a developer, but weird and/or off as a player. ^_^

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  6. Shintar

    Reading about your futile efforts to get the mount makes me feel kind of bad for having it and not even remembering how I got it. I just logged in one day in MoP, checked out the new mount UI and was baffled to find that I had the Headless Horseman’s Mount with no memory whatsoever of acquiring it…

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