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Sunday WoW Classic about Plans and Bans

With the coming Shadowlands release in retail WoW, just about a week away now, not a lot of attention has been paid to WoW Classic.  The place hasn’t emptied out, but Stormwind and Ironforge do not have the same busy feel that they did before the Shadowlands pre-patch.

Classic is as classic does

  • Naxxramas and the Scourge Invasion

Phase six, or WoW Classic version 1.13.6, will start going live on December 1st.  On that date the Naxxramas raid will open up.  Then, just two days later, on December 3rd, the Scourge Invasion event will start, with flying necropolis showing up in high level zones and the Argent Dawn offering rewards to fight the invasion.  Also, world PvP objectives will be added in the Eastern Plaguelands and Silithus.  This represents the final planned phase for WoW Classic.

  • Raider Ban Wave

There were reports of a large number of bans being handed out to raiders, including whole raid groups.  While Blizzard has declined to discuss details, they did say in a forum post that when this happens it is usually because the raid group was found to be using some sort of terrain exploit.

  • Future Direction of WoW Classic

With the coming of phase 6, the original plan has been completed and the questions begin to turn to “What’s next?”  Some people want to see Classic Burning Crusade naturally.  Blizzard could also open up a fresh round of WoW Classic servers for people who missed the opening days of the initial round, or for those who just want another fresh start.  Daybreak has made a business out of pretty much just that with EverQuest.

But there are other things that might be on the horizon.  With the ban on broadcast input software , something Blizz made sure to indicate applies to WoW Classic as well as retail, for the first time in the game’s soon to be 16 year history, WoWHead collected some of the things that Blizzard has been up to that might spell a further divergence from the purist dream of vanilla WoW recreated and a move in the direction of a WoW Classic that fixes a few more of the issues that were a problem back in the day.

We will probably have to wait until BlizzCon Online in the back half of February to get any sort of hint as to what the future might bring.  If nothing else, the Shadowlands launch will likely carry the headlines and the company’s attention through the end of the year.