PAPI Keepstar Anchors in T5ZI-S

There was potential for a big fight today as the Keepstar that PAPI dropped in T5ZI-S yesterday was set to anchor a little after 17:00 UTC.  Both sides formed up fleets, with the count in PAPI’s staging going past the 4K mark while local for the Imperium was just beyond 2K pilots.

With those numbers the Imperium opted to defend the 1DQ1-A side of the gate with T5ZI-S in case PAPI decided to use their form up to start attacking there.  The gate was bubbled up and fleets and fighters were deployed around the gate.  I was in a Rokh fleet ready to repel any incursion into the system.

On our side of the gate

However, PAPI took their win in getting their Keepstar in place and stood down after that.

PAPI Keepstar in T5ZI-S

Watching their Keepstar after it anchored, they appear to be involved in yet another move op to marshal their forces.

With PAPI able to stage one gate from the Imperium’s capital, the 1DQ1-A system is now on the front line of the war.  While the invaders did not come today, they will no doubt soon begin their assault on the heart of the Imperium’s power.

2 thoughts on “PAPI Keepstar Anchors in T5ZI-S

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Mike – It comes down to spies and eyes. We obviously can’t have everybody stand to 23.5 hours a day, seven days a week. But they can’t form up big without making a lot of noise either, noise that our spies will hear and our eyes in their staging systems will see. Then there will be a lot of rushing around to form up.

    There will likely be a 23.5/7 gate camp on that gate now though. The one in E3OI has been effective over the last couple of weeks, at least as a deterrent. Not much has slipped past. But we have to do that two places at once now. And if PAPI wants to drive us from the game, Vily’s stated goal, they’re eventually going to have to come in and fight on our Keepstars. There is a lot more destruction to come.


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