The Explosive Velocity Update Lands in EVE Online

Here in the shadow of the Shadowlands launch CCP dropped an update of their own.  The Explosive Velocity update takes aim at torpedoes and a few neglected hulls.

Is this the work of Team Talos?

Torpedoes will see the following changes that will make them more effective.

  • All XL Torpedoes:
    • Explosion Velocity increased by 20%
    • Missile Velocity increased by 20%
    • Damage increased by 10%
  • All Torpedoes:
    • Explosion Radius reduced by 10%
    • Explosion Velocity increased by 10%
    • Missile Velocity increased by 20%
    • Maximum Flight Time increased by 20%
  • Torpedo Launcher:
    • CPU usage and Powergrid usage reduced by 7%

That will make ships that can use torpedoes a little more effective and give them a little more power grid to play with when launchers are mounted.

One set of torpedo using hulls did get a bit of a nerf.  Stealth bombers were already pretty powerful out in the wild and remain quite popular, so they took a hit to keep them from being too OP.

  • Bonus to Torpedo Maximum Velocity lowered from 20% to 15% per level
  • Racial Frigate Bonus to Explosion Velocity / Explosion Radius was removed

That offsets some of the torpedo buffs, but still leaves them better post-patch.

Two dreadnoughts also got changes today to help them be more competitive.

  • Phoenix:
    • CPU increased from 965 to 990
    • Power Grid increased from 500000 to 550000
  • Moros:
    • Low slots increased from 7 to 8
    • Mid slots decreased from 5 to 4

The Phoenix, the platform for XL torpedoes, also benefits from the above changes, which might help break it out of its very specialized applications.  We shall see if the slot changes helps the currently unloved Moros.

Then there is the Griffin Navy Issue, which is neither a dread nor a torpedo platform.  It just needed some help in its role as a short range ECM drone boat it seems, as CCP made the following changes:

  • Caldari Frigate bonuses (per skill level):
    • 10% bonus to ECM Drone jam duration
    • 20% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret damage
  • Misc. Bonus:
    • 85% penalty to drone damage
    • 50% penalty to drone hitpoints and drone control range
  • Attribute changes:
    • Drone Bandwidth increased from 5 to 25
    • Drone Capacity increased from 5 to 35

It got a bigger drone bay and the ability to launch more drones, but that 85% nerf to drone damage clearly means CCP doesn’t want people running it with combat drones.  ECM only please.  We’ll see if anybody ends up using the hull now.

And, finally, today’s patch slips in what I will call the “YZ9-F6 boson fix.”  Back in October the Imperium set a trap to slaughter PAPI caps and supers, and executed it correctly… only to have CCP’s code fail to deliver the damage it should have.  CCP acknowledged the issue, though there was little they could do after the fact.  But this line in the patch notes seems to indicate they have tried to remedy the issue for future fights.

Improved the stability of damage-over-time superweapons to make them more reliable at applying their full damage under heavy server loads.

Of course, somebody will have to trust CCP enough to try it before we’ll know if the fix was effective.  Who is going to gamble some titans on that?

Anyway, the patch notes are available and the update has been deployed.

3 thoughts on “The Explosive Velocity Update Lands in EVE Online

  1. anypo8

    Why would CCP, having almost completely nerfed ECM as a viable option, think that slightly strengthening the ECM options of the Griffin Navy would make it a thing? Honestly, at this point CCP should just go all the way and remove ECM from the game, shutting up all the haters once and for all.

    I think everyone would find the game much more boring after that, but I also kind of think that’s what Pearl Abyss is looking for — mainstream and theme park the game as much as possible to make it a reliable money-earner. My guess is that they are even happy to drive down subscription revenue some as long as they can also drive ancillary revenue up: short term haul better than long-term sustainability. They’d rather sell PLEX and SKINs and Skillpoints than subs: those things cost nothing for them to make and run and can be purchased by whales in huge quantities. I think the fantasy endgame is ten billionaires who buy $1M a month in crap and never log in.

    Honestly, half of what made me enjoy the game is gone anyhow. Every new piece of game news seems to make it less likely that I will ever return. Hopefully one of the new space games will be a replacement, although as of now none of them look too viable. Maybe Dual Universe when it finally gets it together solidly.

    Sorry to be so bitter. I think 2020 is getting to me.


  2. Nogamara

    @anypo8 I don’t want to necessarily agree or disagree with you on your takeaway, but I find it somehow fascinating that quite a lot of people had said in early to mid 2020 that the game seems in a better state than the last years. (I only came back to be active in the spring, so I can’t comment on the 2017-2019 state but I also loved the spring).

    But maybe they just added a lot of stuff people are unhappy in the last months. Some liked the Triglavian Invasion, many didn’t. It feels unfinished, not many people seem to live there. The scarcity things were pretty much unloved. Less Ice, less rocks, less minerals, now ratting nerfs – all in the last months, with a few nice things in between.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Part of the problem is that EVE Online has a lot more groups/play styles than a typical WoW-like MMO, and CCP seems to listen to very specific groups. The knee-jerk reaction is to say “null sec” has the most influence, but after almost three years of non-stop nerfs to null sec I would argue against that. I would say rather that there is a small gang pvp faction that seems to have CCP’s ear more than any other group. This is likely because the devs that play the game tend towards that play style. So a lot of changes make sense only if you see them through the small gang lens.

    New ESS stuff? Let small gangs steal from null sec.
    ECM? Small gang players called it “cancer” until it was nerfed into uselessness.
    FozzieSov? Was supposed to encourage small gang fights across a constellation
    Cyno nerf? Small gangs need to be able to kill capital ships.
    NPC FOBs? Small gang PvE.
    Triglavian invasion? Small gang PvE.
    Abyssal arena? Small gang PvP with rewards.
    Mining Nerf? Some vision of small gang mining in low sec.

    This isn’t exactly a new revelation. FozzieSov, for example, is over five years old at this point. But the irony is that while CCP tries to bend all other play styles to their small gang vision, they have actively neglected faction warfare and low sec in general, which are areas where small gang PvP ought to thrive.

    Or such is my working theory.


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