Aiming for Level 41 in Pokemon Go

It looks like we made it to level 40 just in time at our house.  We got there, had a few weeks to hang out at the level cap, not worrying about the whole level grind thing.  But the new levels are now upon us.  The level cap has been raised to 50.

Level past 40 are now here

We knew it was coming.  We even got some hints as to what would be required in order to make it to the new levels.  It wasn’t going to be strictly xp based.  There were going to be some tasks to accomplish.

But yesterday afternoon the time finally came, the new levels were unlocked, and we could see what it was going to take.

Here he comes to tell you about the new stuff

First, there is still an xp competent to the whole thing.  To get to level 41 you will need to earn six million xp.

I’m on my way

Fortunately, players kept accruing xp even after they hit level 40.  I am going to bet more than a few players are already close to or at the xp requirement for level 41.

But then there are the tasks.  There are four of them and you have to do them all before you get that next level.

The task list

Apparently I had one of the tasks done before I even started.  That happens with events some times.  I’m going to guess it was something like “earn a platinum medal,” which are also new with this update.

Of the other three, two are just things that will take a bit of time.  30 raids will happen and powering up 20 legendary Pokemon just takes the candies.

Catching 200 Pokemon in a single day though, that will take some planning and inventory management.  You will probably need to collect up 300+ Pokeballs, since you don’t always catch on the first throw.  Maybe make that 400+.  And then you have to find and catch 200 Pokemon.  Some combo of incense, lures, or events will probably make that practical.  It is mostly having enough balls that worries me.

So we’ll see.  And past level 41 the xp count continues to grow, as one would expect, and the tasks change with each level.

1 thought on “Aiming for Level 41 in Pokemon Go

  1. Aywren Sojourner

    Good luck with your leveling! Sadly, Pokemon Go no longer supports my phone, and I don’t have plans on updating to a new phone when this one still works fine for everything else I do. I did have fun with it while I played it, and am glad folks are still playing!


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