CCP Reverts EVE Online Drone Aggression Nerf and Other Items

CCP Paradox announced in the forums yesterday that CCP would be rolling back the change to drone behavior that was introduced with Tuesday’s game update based on feedback they received… and because the change totally broke drone assist.

The statement says drone assist breaks in “certain scenarios,” but so far as I can tell, having  experimented with it a bit, the main scenario is “player is logged in and trying to assist drones to another player.”  You can make the call as to whether you believe feedback or dysfunction was the prime motivator for the roll back.

The statement in the forums said CCP would update us today with timing for the change, but the patch notes update for December 11th say:

  • The change to drone behavior made on 8 December has been reverted. This means that drone functionality will be exactly the same as before the patch with ‘Aggressive’ setting once again automatically attacking NPCs. More information can be found on EVE Online forums.

So you may once again let your drones fly free to attack any aggressive NPCs that come your way as you mine or rat or whatever while AFK.

Drones will once again sort out this mess on their own

Also in the patch notes was a change to the Winter Nexus Wightstorm event sites which were inadvertently dropping Nightmare Blueprint Originals rather than single use Blueprint Copies.  The former would be game breaking and extremely valuable.  That has been corrected.

  • The Wightstorm data sites from the Winter Nexus event are now properly dropping single-use Nightmare BPCs.

CCP asked players not to copy or try to sell the Nightmare BPOs, which should have all been reverted to BPCs with the update as well.

And, since we’re on the topic of things CCP has been fixing, yesterday they fixed the issue that was preventing people from setting stations without clone services as their home station (or death clone location in game parlance, the place where you come back when you have been podded) .  When this broke it was noticed almost immediately because Jita 4-4, the main trade hub and most popular NPC station in the game does not have clone services, so suddenly nobody could set their death clone there.  This led me to ask on Twitter:

Now that CCP has reverted the medical clone issue, my question is why didn’t Jita 4-4 get clone services with the big renovation? They had budget for a space elevator but not some clone bays?

Seriously, why doesn’t this station have clone services?  The mysteries of New Eden.

2 thoughts on “CCP Reverts EVE Online Drone Aggression Nerf and Other Items

  1. anypo8

    LOL. Quickest reversion ever.

    We’ll settle the bugfix / panic question fairly soon: if it’s just the drone assist bug, CCP will presumably fix it and re-launch the nerf in a month or so. Otherwise we’ll know this was just a face-saving out given player reaction.

    I genuinely don’t know which, but my money is on the former. CCP seems determined to hurt itself.

    It’s all especially sad given that drone assist is already massively nerfed. Remember when the whole fleet could assign drones to the FC?

    They should just put clone bays in every NPC station. The whole system is just a sad relic of the original complicated vision anyhow. TBH I kind of miss the days when you joined Estel Arador Corp Services to get your jump clones. Awesome sandbox player service corp → boring nothing. Next up: in-client wormhole maps.

    At one point we at Signal Cartel did the math for mapping the then-new Drifter Wormholes as a cross-Eden shortcut service. It looked barely feasible — and then CCP changed the implementation so it wasn’t. I don’t know that there was any causality there…


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @anypo8 – We shall see. I can attest that drone assist was quite broken, so they didn’t make that up as cover. And I think you’ll find a post or two here somewhere from the mass drone assist era when we flew out in Dominix battleships, dropped our sentry drones, then assisted them all to a done bunny in an insta-lock ship that would blap one target after another as we all sat tabbed out in another window doing something else collecting AFK kill mails. (Looking it up, that got nerfed almost seven years ago. Time flies.)

    I ground up my standings with Amarr and Caldari to 8+ so I could put jump clones in their stations on demand back in the day. And then that requirement was wiped out. But I still have a bunch of unclaimed LP.

    Speaking of maps, DOTLAN was down for a few hours on Thursday night and it was like being blind. The in-game maps are useless and even GARPA doesn’t give you a clear logical system connection picture the way DOTLAN does. I know CCP already has two maps in game and doesn’t have the bandwidth to do anything complex, but a logical connection map like DOTLAN in-game would be a big help to new players.


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