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I think I have mentioned Flipboard before.  It is a mobile app I used on my iPad for reading the real world news.


Back in 2011 my company was suddenly obsessed with making mobile apps… one of those things where a senior exec reads about a trend and decides to jump on board without any real plan… and we ended up with a bunch of seminars and training classes on the subject.  I have retained very little from that period, but in one seminar the speaker recommended Flipboard for reading the news on tablets.  I downloaded, liked it, and have used it ever since.

It is light and easy to use and I tend to sit and flip through it before bed most nights.

Most major periodicals have a feed there.  While it won’t let you skip past all paywalls… though it does get you past some… even when it doesn’t you can peruse headlines to see what is going on and compare how different outlets are approaching things.  I have a pile of varied outlets there, including key foreign publications like the BBC, DW, and The Globe and Mail, the latter being the place to go for all things ice hockey.  Canadians, eh?

You can also setup your own feeds in Flipboard through the app or, more easily for me, through their web site.  I did that some time ago with my other blog, but that feed broke a while back, so I went in to try to fix it.  I couldn’t do that, but I decided to setup another feed for this blog instead.

TAGN in with those other publications

So if you have Flipboard you can search on TAGN and find that feed.  It is pretty obvious.

And, from there, you can go through the headlines and tap on articles you want to read.

EVE Online heavy on this page

Of course, if you too have a blog, you can set up a feed of your own there.  It works off of an RSS feed, so was pretty simple to setup.

I would be interested to know if anybody ends up actually using Flipboard to read the blog… or can even find it there, since the status of my feed has been “pending” for a week… or if you setup a feed for your own blog there.

4 thoughts on “TAGN on Flipboard

  1. Ula

    This is cool. I haven’t looked at Flipboard in a long time, I think just once or twice when they were first starting out. I’ll give it a try on the iPhone.

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  2. mbp

    I have been using Feedly pretty much ever since the demise of Google Reader. (Actually I spend a couple of years using something called Netvibes in between). I remember evaluating Flipboard as one of the alternatives. My memory (from several years back) was that Flipboard looked flashier but Feedly had more support fro different sources and different platforms. TAGN works great on Feedly and always has.

    Unfortunately Feedly has gotten increasingly annoying over the years as they keep pushing new added values services in order to convince me to take a subscription. None of these services interest me and some of them actually degrade my experience with the app. Perhaps it is time for me to checkout alternatives once again including Flipboard.

    One thing Feedly still does very well is that you can type in the name of any website and if any kind of feed exists it will find it. Can Flip board do that?

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  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @mbp – Feedly and Flipboard have a different content model.

    Feedly lets the end user easily drop in feed URLs and, once one is in their system, other users can find it as well. Rare is the feed that won’t work, though I have had to open a ticket twice for self-hosted blog feeds that Feedly refused to acknowledge. (And, both times, Feedly support was annoyingly condescending.) But I also have a Feedly Pro subscription because it drives the MMO Blogger feed on my side bar.

    Flipboard appears to want to offer a more curated experience. They want you to select from the publications already there. I could probably setup feeds for all the blogs that I read in Feedly, but it would be a pain in the ass and the instructions at least imply that you need to own the source of a feed before you will be allowed to submit it. But I use Flipboard for free. They just, so far as I can tell, inject an ad into feeds every so often that look like just another article.

    I believe Feedly is trying to be more like Flipboard as time goes along, in part because a customer base of people who just read blogs is likely not a huge and growing audience.

    So, in the end, I have both Feedly and Flipboard on my iPad, I just use them to read different things. But if you only had Flipboard on your device, this would be a way to read TAGN.

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